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6b05: Walk Like A Man, with Alison Rosen

Al(ison) Rosen About Love

Writer, TV personality, and host of the Upworthy Weekly, Childish, and Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend podcasts, Alison Rosen returns to talk to Matt and Vince to talk about The Sopranos season 6a episode 5, “Walk Like A Man.”

The alternate title for this episode is bell hooks, because it’s all about love, baby. AJ, positively distraught about his unrequited love for his former fiance Blanca, has his family worried he’s going to harm himself. Tony, trying to show love the only way he knows how, suggests he try drowning his sorrows in tiddies and meat like the other boys his age. Somehow this ends with AJ helping the other boys burn some kid’s foot with acid. It’s an experience AJ does not love.

According to bell hooks, love is “the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” By this definition, Tony and the guys do not love Chris like they say they do. His sobriety represents spiritual growth, and as they point out on the podcast, the whole point of the mafia is to monetize spiritual stagnation. Paulie, Tony, Bobby, and Chris are shoveling so much shit on Chris’ side of the street, that he decides he’s done trying to keep it clean. He falls off both the wagon and his stool.

On a happier note, when two people (like Matt and Francesca) are in love, they do gross stuff in the privacy of their home, and the result is a future child. That’s right, LA Matt, flap flap, all up in that womb with the spratz. Our boy has a baby on the way. Now more than ever, we need your damn money. Please don’t make us do what Paulie yells at Chrissy. Please don’t make us suck the money out of your ass. Sign up for the patreon and leave us a five-star review on Apple Podcasts.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.