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307: Second Opinion, With Mike Isaac, Author Of ‘Super Pumped’

Paulie Wets his Beak and Tony Doesn’t Trust Jack Kennedy in episode 307 of The Sopranos

In this week’s Pod Yourself a Gun, author of Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, and New York Times journalist Mike Isaac (@mikeisaac) joins Matt and Vince to provide a third opinion of “Second Opinion,” the seventh episode of season three of The Sopranos. You may know it as the one where Paulie sniffs Adriana’s panties, but that’s because you’re a nasty little freak just like Paulie. As pointed out on this week’s podcast, The Sopranos writers really missed an opportunity to name the episode “Paulie Wets His Beak.”

In another episode that emphasizes that The Sopranos is primarily a comedy, Junior is easily impressed by a surgeon because he has a president’s name, and Carmela’s search for a psychotherapist of her own ends with the therapist rejecting her “blood money” for payment.

The appearance of a Big Mouth Billy Bass leads to a discussion of the death of ubiquitous American novelty gifts, and a retelling of Matt’s sordid affair with a Billy of his own. “The skeleton was still singing,” is a phrase that will haunt me for years.

Rewatching this episode inspired Mike to rewatch The Sopranos, which should inspire you to leave a five star review on Apple Podcasts. (-Brent Flyberg)

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