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603: Mayham, with Ashley Ray from TV, I Say

You’re Not Dead You’re on Pod Yourself A Gun

On this week’s episode, there’s a fresh casualty in the battle of the blank pod. Matt and Vince are joined by writer, comedian, and author of one of Vince’s favorite tweets, Ashley Ray to talk about The Sopranos season six, episode three, “Mayham.”

The episode contains the conclusion of the Kevin Finnerty saga, and the introduction of Christopher’s passion project, Cleaver. It’s a digital horror movie about a wiseguy with a big mouth and bigger dreams, which is also how I pitch this podcast to prospective listeners. Just a couple of wiseguys with big mouths, bigger dreams, and a functional knowledge of Audacity’s autotune feature.

The Sopranos writers room’s favorite punching bag, J.T. Dolan, is back. He’s tasked with writing Cleaver to settle his debts with Christopher, and to remind the viewers that all writers are ineffectual cowards who will just watch as you get beat and kidnapped.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

412: Eloise, with Desi Jedeikin from Hollywood Crime Scene

Paulie Walnuts presents: A Goomba’s Guide to Loving Your Mom. 

Fresh from the oven like some scones Carmela Soprano baked for the “Fabio of The Sopranos,” as guest Desi Jedeikin from the Hollywood Crime Scene podcast calls Furio, there’s a piping hot new episode of Pod Yourself a Gun. It’s about dang time Matt and Vince got Desi on the show, as she introduced former guest and Hollywood Crime Scene co-host Rachel Fischer to The Sopranos. Her and the boys are talking about season four, episode twelve, “Eloise.”

This episode is more fun than taking a bunch of old ladies to see The Producers on Broadway, and if you say otherwise I will personally come to your place and smother you to death with a pillow like Paulie does to that old crone Minnie. Or, at least I’ll settle the dispute they had on the podcast about whether or not it’s possible to smother someone to death with a pillow. Don’t make me find out. You look like you have weak lungs.

To complement the pillow talk, there is also a bangin’ Bada-B story song parody about standing too close to a helicopter while urinating, and a discussion of Paulie’s performative mom love. He loves Nucci, but also he needs everyone in his immediate vicinity to know how much he loves Nucci. It’s sweet but gross — kind of like your mom.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg

303: “Fortunate Son” With Carey O’Donnell

This week on Pod Yourself A Gun, Matt and Vince welcome television writer and co-host of the Sexy Unique Podcast Carey O’Donnell (@ecareyo) to the pod to discuss episode 3 of season 3 of the Sopranos “Fortunate Son” – an episode in which Chris gets made.

“Fortunate Son” marks the beginning of what I would consider to be the gabbagool age of the Sopranos, which is the same as a golden age but better. In this episode, Chris gets made and struggles with the increased responsibilities, Tony discovers that much of his panic attacks are meat-based, AJ struggles with feelings of being a real dumdum, and Janice straight up steals Svetlana’s prosthetic leg in order to get back musical theater records. It’s a fantastic episode in the middle of a monumental season. See, sometimes we actually LIKE the Sopranos. Oh and Chrissy robs a Jewel concert in a Scream mask. Fucking epic.

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213: SEASON FINALE “Funhouse” with Nelini Stamp

Hello my dear podsiglieries. The season finale of Pod Yourself A Gun season 2 is here, which means Matt and Vince watched the season finale of Sopranos season 2. Curious how that works, isn’t it? This week, Matt and Vince welcome activist and Working Families Party organizer Nelini Stamp to the virtual Bada Bing (a zoom call) to discuss the end of Big Pussy, food poisoning, and much more. Hope you enjoy and we’ll see you in season 3! GABAGOOL!

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S2E13 Funhouse

Premiered April 9, 2000


In the Season Two finale, Tony has a series of ‘fever dreams’ that help to shed light on some of his problems–particularly his troubles over Big Pussy.


-Pussy sleeps with the fishes

-Tony sick from two dishes

-Artie Defends his delicious

-Jersey sells phony minutes

-Carm wears mink from the riches

-Livia flies with her sis’s

-FBI creep cuz their vicious

-Meadow graduates high school


-Livia gets caught

-Tony gets arrested

-Tony gets out

-Melfi gets real w Tony

-Meadow gets a degree

-Chris gets his button

-Scatino says bye