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411: Calling All Cars with Netflix’s Johan Miranda

Janice Soprano: Petty Godfather & Spiritual Gangster

Hope you like dream sequences, and therapy scenes, because David Chase managed to wedge two of each into a 47 minute-long episode of The Sopranos. Guest Johan Miranda, a comedian featured in Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy on Netflix, joins Matt and Vince to talk about season four, episode eleven of The Sopranos, “Calling All Cars.”

Vince, Matt, & Johan point out that this is a pretty sitcom-y episode. Maybe the shorter runtime has something to do with that, maybe it’s AJ Soprano running his tight five about ethnic cuisine at the dinner table, or maybe it’s the scene where Bobby Bacala buries a cake at his wife’s grave. That last one is pretty sad, actually. *Wiping a tear from my eye* No one got to eat that cake.

This is really a Janice episode though. She so badly wants Bobby Sr. to forget about his dead wife long enough to rail her that she catfishes a child on AOL. Listen now and help us decide, is Janice a spiritual Munchausen by proxy-er, a gaslighter, or just a manipulative psycho? Let us know what you think in a five-star review on Apple Podcasts.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg

407: Watching Too Much Television, with comedian Greg Edwards

The many saints of who gives a sh*t about Newark?

LA Comedian Greg Edwards joins Matt and Vince for this week’s edition of Pod Yourself A Gun to talk about The Sopranos season four episode seven, Watching Too Much Television. Greg has known Matt since back in his college sketch comedy days, so we get a good story about Matt’s brother botching his one line as an audience plant. Really makes you wonder who the parents were less proud of in that moment: the son who can’t remember one line, or the son who is making sketch comedy.

This is one of those episodes of The Sopranos where it’s hard to tell if the characters are racist or the show is racist, but either way, Tony, Assemblyman Zellman, and his black activist friend Maurice conspire to defraud the Department of Housing and Urban Development and displace some crack dealers in the process.

The scam involves buying some property in Tony’s old neighborhood, so he takes AJ to Newark to show him an old church and teach him a little Italian-American history, but is reminded that while Tony might be a smart dumb guy, AJ is a dumb dumb guy. AJ is also, as Greg points out, inadvertently the moral compass for this family full of psychos. He’s too dumb to be malicious and that’s what makes him beautiful.

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Description by @brentflyberg