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503: Where’s Johnny? with Paco Romane from Sup Doc

The makings of a varsity podcaster

Comedian, writer, and actor Paco Romane from the Sup Doc podcast  takes a break from his eighth rewatch of the Sopranos to join Matt and Vince for a conversation about season five episode three, “Where’s Johnny?”

This episode, unlike the marinara Janice is buying from Vesuvio and passing off as her own, is full of beef. Johnny Sac and Little Carmine have beef over who collects gambling debts, Feech and Paulie are beefing over gardener territories, and Tony and Junior are beefing over Tony’s athletic prowess.  Junior says it was Tony’s small hands that kept him from being a varsity athlete, but I think he was always winded from all the nose whistling.

Near the end of the episode you’ll hear as Vince experiences the great Fresno earthquake of 2021. Sort of felt like the earth’s way of saying it was time to wrap it up.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.(https://twitter.com/brentflyberg)