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[TEASER] Francesca Fiorentini is back on PYAG!

Your early access to PYAG is here on Patreon! This week, Matt welcomed his future wife and baby momma Francesca Fiorentini to talk “The Second Coming” episode of the Sopranos where AJ’s depression gets the better of him and he tries to Abu Ghraib himself in the duck pool. It’s a great episode with a banger bada b story. Enjoy this teaser and then SUBSCRIBE IMMEDIATELY!

[TEASER] Mike Falzone Thinks Chris Should Wear His Seatbelt

Hey all,

First of all MAILBAG EPISODE NEXT WEEK! So please send us your emails and voicemails now!

Also, here is a sneak peak of next week’s pod! Mike Falzone is back and talking about the amazing “Kennedy and Heidi” episode in which we wrap up Chrissy’s storyline. Early access for anyone who subs to the Patreon! And you should sub because I need the money for my baby.

Teaser – Early Access to “Chasing It” w Will Menaker

Sup everyone,

Returning PYAG champion Will Menaker is back on the pod talking about the episode where we meet Goth Vito Jr and an openly anitsemitic Tony Soprano. You can listen to it now on Patreon! Or wait like a STUNAD!

TEASER – Frotcast 503, The Batman with Joe and Laremy

New Frotcast available now to subscribers at Patreon.com/Frotcast!

Comedian Joe Sinclitico and ex-film critic/Whoop Dreams star Laremy Legel drop by the virtual Frot studios to talk about Daniel Kaluuya’s (ALLEGED) new crystal guru manager, fatherhood, the planned Jackie-Jormp Jomp Billy Joel musical that will be made without any of the rights to Billy Joel’s likeness or songs, and of course, The Batman, the longest Batman movie ever made. Subscribe now and become a glorious piggy. You won’t regret it. Probably.

TEASER – The Actual 500th Frotcast Episode

Hey everyone,

You can listen to frotcast 502 – The 500th Episode right now on Patreon. So please do.


Hey everyone, it’s been over 500 episodes so our good friends Brendan and Jane Harrison decided to stop by and frot with us. We talk about the new Jackass movie and the crew is visited by some old friends. (It’s not Brett, he will never come back).


TEASER – New Crypto Guy

New episode of the Frotcast up now! Check it out on Patreon.com/Frotcast


Hey Frotters,

This week Matt and Vince and guest Jessica Sele watched the first ever Daily Wire produced movie “Shut In” starring one of Andie MacDowell’s daughters. Not Margaret, the other one. It’s truly a terrible movie that you should never watch, which is why we did the work for you. We also talk about some new crypto guys.

TEASER: Robert Iler Interview

Hey all,

Vince and Matt interviewed Robert Iler, AKA AJ Soprano on the latest bonus episode of Pod Yourself A Gun. You can listen to it right now on Patreon.com/Frotcast or you can wait like 1 or 2 weeks like a fool. But it’s really good so I’d just join the patreon if I were you.

TEASER: Joe Gannascoli Interview

Somehow Vince and Matt got Joe Gannascoli AKA Vito Spatafore to come on the podcast and talk to them about his time on the Sopranos. You can listen to the full interview on Patreon.com/frotcast


Welp, we did it folks. After 6 seasons of this Sopranos podcast we finally got an actual cast member to talk to us. Joe Gannascoli (aka Vito Spatafore) joins Matt and Vince to talk about his time on the Sopranos and what it was like to go to work one day and find out they wrote you blowing a dude. Joe’s a fantastic guest and it’s a great interview. Enjoy!

TEASER: Pod Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

A special Christmas gift for all of you out there who listen to Matt and Vince’s stupid little pods. Plus a little teaser of our Patreon only episode.

Thank you for being the best people in the world.


Vince is out for the week because of Christmas or whatever. But not to fear. Matt Lieb has invited both Joey Avery and Joe Sinclitico to the frotquarters to talk about all sorts of stuff. It’s definitely more of a hang than most Frotcasts. Enjoy and please see Pod Yourself A Gun live at SF Sketchfest on January 15th.

And make sure to watch Joey Avery’s 9 minute comedy special on YouTube!

Finally, this episode begins with a little Christmas song featuring some familiar voices. See if you can guess who sings what.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all you frotters out there.