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[TEASER] Terrence Howard’s Magical Math

New patreon-only episode of the Frotcast out now!


Vince and Matt have had quite a week: Matt is in NYC filming a short film and Vince had a stomach bug and has shit himself 3 times. But despite their busy schedules they still found a tiny sliver of time to frot themselves a cast. This week, the boys talk about Terrence Howard’s magical math, Matt’s harrowing plane ride, and Dane Cook’s engagement.

[TEASER] Vince and Matt in the same room, talking about stuff

Hey all,

Special treat for you this week as Matt and Matt’s wife Francesca went to Fresno to visit Vince and recorded a pod! It’s a great episode! Listen to the whole thing now on Patreon!


For the first time in what seems like years, the Frotcast is all back under the same roof. This week, Matt and wife/guest Francesca Fiorentini headed to the magical land of Fresno, CA to visit Vince and his wife and his beautiful new born baby. We all watched the new Netflix doc series about Woodstock 99 “Trainwreck” and talked endlessly about how it’s a lot better than the HBO Max documentary from a year earlier. Also, we discuss some super annoying criticism of the reality series “Love is Blind.” Finally, it’s Matt’s 13th year of sobriety, so we kinda talk about that but not really. Enjoy hearing us all in the same room!

[TEASER] Please join the patreon Matt has a baby coming


Here’s this weeks preview of the Frotcast on Patreon. Please join the Patreon. Please.


It’s that time again. Matt and Vince invited Anna Hossnieh of the Ethnically Ambiguous podcast back to the frot and they talk about everything from the death of Shinzo Abe to Hunter Biden’s newest iCloud hack. Also we do a lot of Peaky Blinders accents. Enjoy!

[TEASER] Kamala Harris talks in predictive text

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New episode of the Frotcast is up! You can listen to the full ep once you join the Patreon!


Hey! We’re back again with another wonderful episode of the Frotcast. This week Matt and Vince welcome Frot favorite Laremy Legel back to the pod to talk fatherhood, Kamala Harris, bugs getting stuck in ears, and various TV shows we are all watching. Plus Matt saw that Anthony Bourdain doc from 2 years ago “Roadrunner” that weirdly blames his girlfriend for his death.

[TEASER] TikTok Theory About Microplastics

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Here is your regular teaser for this week’s Frotcast, which you can listen to in full on Patreon.



Hey frotcast faithful,

This week Matt and Vince invited the hilarious TV writer and comedian Adrian McNair to the frotquarters to celebrate Juneteenth. We talk about all sorts of subjects, including a DM Matt got informing him that this very podcast was responsible for a marriage! Also, Adrian tells us the story of the time he was traveling in Spain and met an antisemitic Chinese woman who was interested in Adrian’s black genetics. We also talk about the strange history of blackface, NFTs, and a TikTok theory about microplastics. Enjoy!

[TEASER] The Sopranos Finale with David J Roth

The final episode of the Sopranos has happened and it is up on the Patreon feed now. Please join the Patreon and listen to it. It’s 2 and a half hours long and it features guest David J Roth. Sure you could wait for it to come on the free feed, but why be like that tho? Don’t deny yourself the savory slop, you’ve earned it. Join the Patreon, eat your treats.

Here’s a teaser!

[TEASER] Francesca Fiorentini is back on PYAG!

Your early access to PYAG is here on Patreon! This week, Matt welcomed his future wife and baby momma Francesca Fiorentini to talk “The Second Coming” episode of the Sopranos where AJ’s depression gets the better of him and he tries to Abu Ghraib himself in the duck pool. It’s a great episode with a banger bada b story. Enjoy this teaser and then SUBSCRIBE IMMEDIATELY!

[TEASER] Mike Falzone Thinks Chris Should Wear His Seatbelt

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First of all MAILBAG EPISODE NEXT WEEK! So please send us your emails and voicemails now!

Also, here is a sneak peak of next week’s pod! Mike Falzone is back and talking about the amazing “Kennedy and Heidi” episode in which we wrap up Chrissy’s storyline. Early access for anyone who subs to the Patreon! And you should sub because I need the money for my baby.