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409: Whoever Did This, with Mike Falzone from Dynamic Banter!

RIP Pie-O-My

Take a break from studying for your dementia test to listen to the latest Pod Yourself A Gun with comedian and podcaster Mike Falzone from the Welcome To Our Podcast and Dynamic Banter podcasts as well as Final Space on Adult Swim. Mike joins Matt and Vince to talk about the Sopranos season four episode nine, Whoever Did This.

Definitely the only episode of The Sopranos to feature a goat staring directly into camera, it’s also noteworthy for a couple significant deaths – a horse and a jackass (insert rimshot here).

Besides the deaths, there are a couple other close calls. Ralphie’s son Justin takes an arrow to the throat playing Lord of the Rings and ends up in the hospital. If only his father had been more present and taught him how to play Gladiator instead, the kid would not be a vegetable. Is it okay to call someone a vegetable? As Matt points out in the pod, it feels wrong to say, but no one bats an eye.

Junior takes a tumble down the stairs and hits his head pretty hard. He’s responsive but doesn’t seem the same. He’s still got jokes though. Like Mike & Vince mention, old Italian men go to the grave doing bits and stock one-liners.

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308: He Is Risen, With Comedian Jason Webb

Thanksgiving and Jackie Jr are cancelled in the latest Pod Yourself A Gun.

Matt and Vince invite comedian Jason Webb to discuss a conveniently-timed Thanksgiving episode of The Sopranos, and Janice invites a narcoleptic Christian with a ponytail to dinner on episode 3 of season 8 – “He Is Risen.”

The episode reminds us that being in the mob is just as much about petty social slights as it is about doing crimes. There’s lots of gossiping, someone gets their feelings hurt over a declined drink invitation, and someone else gets uninvited from Thanksgiving dinner. So, it’s kind of like Thanksgiving with your family, until someone shits himself to death, and then it’s just like your family.

Naturally, watching the episode led to some conversations about how families in Jason’s neighborhood settle disputes with their stepdads, the chainsaw bear carvings industry, how to get someone so horny they turn into a dairy product, and a Saved by the Bell Mashup song.

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Support the Pod: become a patron at patreon.com/Frotcast and get more bonus content than you could ever want. (-written by Brent Flyberg)

304: “Employee Of The Month,” With Francesca Fiorentini

In this week’s episode of Pod Yourself a Gun, Matt and Vince are joined by Francesca Fiorentini (@franfio) from MSNBC, AJ+, and the Bitchuation Room podcast to try to find an entertaining but still respectful way to discuss Dr. Melfi’s rape scene in Season 3, episode 4 of the Sopranos, “Employee of the Month.”

It’s a polarizing episode from the gabagoolden age of the Sopranos with enough psychotherapy talk to really piss Vince off. The episode also features Ralphie Cifaretto and Jackie Aprile Jr. bonding over a beating, Janice’s definitely real plans to make a documentary about Livia’s generation and their music, Melfi’s Roman dog dreams, and Furio’s sensitive side. “We donna have-a the pope joke. Donna translate.”

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