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[TEASER] The Sopranos Finale with David J Roth

The final episode of the Sopranos has happened and it is up on the Patreon feed now. Please join the Patreon and listen to it. It’s 2 and a half hours long and it features guest David J Roth. Sure you could wait for it to come on the free feed, but why be like that tho? Don’t deny yourself the savory slop, you’ve earned it. Join the Patreon, eat your treats.

Here’s a teaser!

[TEASER] Bono’s call to War

Hey all,

New frotcast is up now for Patrons! Join the patreon now!


It’s time for your weekly dose of movie talk and this week we are joined by our favorite comedian Jessica Sele to talk Pixar’s Turning Red. Also Vince plays a clip of Nancy Pelosi reading a Bono poem about Ukraine. And finally, because it’s St Patty’s day, the gang does a bunch of bad Irish accents.

[TEASER] – Early access to “Soprano Home Movies” with Noah Kulwin

Hey all,

Here’s a taste of the season 6b premiere of Pod Yourself a Gun with Noah Kulwin of the “Blowback” podcast. You can listen to it early on patreon.


Hey piggies,

Sorry to keep you waiting for your slop so long. But since you’ve been relatively well behaved hogs, I’m giving y’all early access to the first episode of the final season of Pod Yourself A Gun. We had Noah Kulwin of Blowback on the pod to talk about his favorite episode “Soprano Home Movies.” Brent will write a better description when it comes out on the free feed.


TEASER – The Actual 500th Frotcast Episode

Hey everyone,

You can listen to frotcast 502 – The 500th Episode right now on Patreon. So please do.


Hey everyone, it’s been over 500 episodes so our good friends Brendan and Jane Harrison decided to stop by and frot with us. We talk about the new Jackass movie and the crew is visited by some old friends. (It’s not Brett, he will never come back).


TEASER – New Crypto Guy

New episode of the Frotcast up now! Check it out on Patreon.com/Frotcast


Hey Frotters,

This week Matt and Vince and guest Jessica Sele watched the first ever Daily Wire produced movie “Shut In” starring one of Andie MacDowell’s daughters. Not Margaret, the other one. It’s truly a terrible movie that you should never watch, which is why we did the work for you. We also talk about some new crypto guys.

[TEASER] Season Finale with Brendan James of Blowback

Hey all,

Early access to the PYAG season finale is available for patrons. Our guest is Brendan James of the podcast “Blowback” and it’s great. Please join the patreon now.


TEASER: Robert Iler Interview

Hey all,

Vince and Matt interviewed Robert Iler, AKA AJ Soprano on the latest bonus episode of Pod Yourself A Gun. You can listen to it right now on Patreon.com/Frotcast or you can wait like 1 or 2 weeks like a fool. But it’s really good so I’d just join the patreon if I were you.

TEASER: Little Stevie Seagal

New Patreon-only episode of the Frotcast is up. Join now!


Hey all! Time for your weekly Frot and I can tell you with 100% sincerity that this is our best one yet. Vince and Matt are joined by Frotcast favorites Joey Avery and Laremy Legel to talk about Peter Bogdanovich’s final directorial work being a fucking NFT, Joss Whedon’s scandal, and Steven Seagal’s past (the real version, without all the lies.) Just a great episode all around. Enjoy!