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[TEASER] Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock

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Very exciting news. Will Smith has apologized publicly to Chris Rock and we have the scoop. Listen to the full episode about the infamous Oscar slap of 2022 by joining the Patreon. Join now!

FROTCAST TEASER: Matt and Joe Eventually Talk Oscars

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Join our Patreon to get this week’s bonus Frotcast with Matt Lieb and Joe Sinclitico going solo without Vince. Remember, the Frotcast is like Pod Yourself A Gun without the Sopranos talk. Subscribe now!


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This is a very special episode of the Frotcast in that Vince Mancini was not able to make it. So Matt Lieb and Joe Sinclitico Frot all by themselves and boy is it all over the place. We discuss Oscar nominations, proctology, and how we both enjoyed the game “The Last Of Us Part 2.” Joe is frotting from his cell phone so please forgive the audio quality, although to be honest it somehow makes him even funnier. Enjoy if you dare.