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6b01: Soprano Home Movies, with Noah Kulwin of “Blowback”

Liquor Before Grappa, Might Have to Fight Your Papa

Gather ‘round your Bluetooth speakers and celebrate the return of Pod Yourself A Gun. Matt and Vince are joined by Montclair, New Jersey native and host of the Blowback podcast, Noah Kulwin, to discuss the first episode of part B of the sixth and final season of the Sopranos, “Sopranos Home Movies.”

As the season begins, The Soprano family is celebrating the birth of its lovably murderous patriarch. What do you get the man who destroys almost everything he touches for his birthday? The police give him a gun charge, Carmella gives him head, and Bobby gives him a few solid smacks in the head and body. The Soprano siblings should have known not to mix alcohol and Monopoly. That’s a game that often ends in violence even when the participants aren’t drunk psychos.

It’s not all about Tony though, Bobby also passes an important milestone, notching his first kill in a laundromat in Canada. You could tell he didn’t want to do it, but he had to catch up to his wife in on-screen confirmed kills.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

[TEASER] – Early access to “Soprano Home Movies” with Noah Kulwin

Hey all,

Here’s a taste of the season 6b premiere of Pod Yourself a Gun with Noah Kulwin of the “Blowback” podcast. You can listen to it early on patreon.


Hey piggies,

Sorry to keep you waiting for your slop so long. But since you’ve been relatively well behaved hogs, I’m giving y’all early access to the first episode of the final season of Pod Yourself A Gun. We had Noah Kulwin of Blowback on the pod to talk about his favorite episode “Soprano Home Movies.” Brent will write a better description when it comes out on the free feed.