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605: Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request with Brent Flyberg

My Big Fat Mob Wedding

PYAG and Tony are back to work. Matt and Vince are joined by comedian, podcaster, generous lover, and big muscle haver, Brent Flyberg to discuss The Sopranos season 6a episode 5, “Mr & Mrs. Sacrimoni Request…”

In this episode, directed by Tony Uncle Al himself, Johnny Sack’s daughter is getting married, and Tony’s worried that all the jackals he hangs out with are noticing how weak he is after his coma. He also can’t help but notice how hot all these jackals are. Bobby Bacala is Bobby boom shakalaka shaking the rim with monster dunks, Paulie’s got big hairy biceps, and this spicy new driver looks like Dominic Torretto if he liked working out more than he liked drinking Coronas and working on cars.

Tony can’t keep his eyes off Muscles Marinara, and Vito can’t maintain his double life after getting spotted at a leather daddy bar. He’s wearing some kind of long-sleeve mock turtleneck under his leather vest, which Vince points out is the leather daddy equivalent of a t-shirt in the pool. A lot of body related insecurity in this episode. These characters should get on Brent’s workout plan. That dude is ripped, and he volunteers? What a guy.

Stick around to the end to hear a listener voicemail about an encounter with Robert Iler. If you have any stories about meeting cast members: 415-275-0030

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.