608: The Blue Comet, with Justin Halpern EP of Harley Quinn and Abbott Elementary

It’s A-me, A-DHL-a

As we close in on the end of the only podcast about the GOATest show of all time, we welcome an old friend back to the pod to help us say goodbye to another one of Jersey’s finest pork store associates. Writer, frequent Frot guest, and Executive Producer for Abbot Elementary and Harley Quinn, Justin Halpern rejoins Matt and Vince to talk about the penultimate episode of The Sopranos, season 6b episode 8, “The Blue Comet.”

Pay your last respects to a loving father, good earner, dutiful husband, and model train enthusiast, Bobby Bacala. From Junior’s driver, to redundant upper management, Bobby lives in our hearts, and in the ziti he left in his freezer.

Other notable dust-biters in this episode: Bert Gervasi, two poor Ukrainian suckers who answered the door for the wrong Italian DHL driver, and a guy riding his motorcycle past the Bada Bing at the wrong time (probably). Through it all, AJ makes everything about himself and his depression, like a natural-born podcaster.

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Description by Brent Flyberg. (twitter.com/brentflyberg)

Pod Yourself A Gun 7: Down Neck, With Justin Halpern

TV and book writer Justin Halpern (Shit My Dad Says, I Suck At Girls, Powerless, iZombie, Surviving Jack, the upcoming Harley Quinn series) joins Vince and Matt this week to discuss episode seven of the Sopranos, “Down Neck,” released February 21, 1999. Among other things, this episode was the only episode of the Sopranos directed by a woman and was the first ever screen credit for future Creed star Michael B. Jordan. It also consists partly of flashbacks to Newark in 1967, the reported setting of the Sopranos prequel movie, The Many Saints Of Newark.

Tony will be played by his son, Michael Gandolfini in the film, which is interesting considering Gandolfini is 19, and in this episode, with the flashbacks set in the same year, the actor who plays Tony is about 10. Marone, talk about a discrepanzool, am I right??

Incidentally, the actor who plays Tony in this episode, Bobby Boriello, also played young Howard Stern in Private Parts and young Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon. We dive into all the episode’s themes, including your favorite recurring segments, Bada B Stories, Gabba Vafongool, Malapropism Corner, It’s the 90s, and the Wayback Machine, where we travel back to 1999 and see how mean people were to Monica Lewinsky. Enjoy, and don’t stop believin!