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BONUS: Interview With Joe Gannascoli (Vito Spatafore)

What Do You Know, What Do You Say to Joe Gannascoli?

In just six short seasons, Pod Yourself A Gun has gone from the only Sopranos podcast to the only Sopranos podcast to get an interview with the actor who played Gino in season one episode eight, “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti.” Remember? Christopher cuts him in line, and he gets all huffy about it? The actor’s name is Joseph R. Gannascoli, and you might also remember for his other work in the series, as the character performing the most surprising felatio history of television, Vito Spatafore.

In the latest Patreon-exclusive edition of PYAG, Matt and Vince talk to the man who played the man who killed Jackie Jr., lost a bunch of weight, got caught lassoing leather daddies, and ate Johnny Cakes in New Hampshire. During the conversation, Joe reveals how much of his own life was incorporated into the character, the book that inspired Vito’s gay storyline, and who the biggest ballbusters were on set.

Along with all the inside dirt on The Sopranos cast and crew, the conversation covers Joe’s fascinating journey from self-taught chef and self-proclaimed degenerate gambler to self-taught actor to golfing dad with two christmas trees. Sign up now at patreon.com/frotcast to listen AND if you sign up for the Pod Yourself a Shoutout tier, Vince will give you a mafia nickname on the podcast.


-Description by Brent Flyberg.

TEASER: Joe Gannascoli Interview

Somehow Vince and Matt got Joe Gannascoli AKA Vito Spatafore to come on the podcast and talk to them about his time on the Sopranos. You can listen to the full interview on Patreon.com/frotcast


Welp, we did it folks. After 6 seasons of this Sopranos podcast we finally got an actual cast member to talk to us. Joe Gannascoli (aka Vito Spatafore) joins Matt and Vince to talk about his time on the Sopranos and what it was like to go to work one day and find out they wrote you blowing a dude. Joe’s a fantastic guest and it’s a great interview. Enjoy!