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610: Moe n’ Joe, with Erin Gloria Ryan of “Hysteria”

And You May Find Yourself in Johnny Sack’s House

Lend us your ears, ye piggies. Matt and Vince are joined by writer, host of the Hysteria podcast, and Janice Soprano apologist Erin Ryan, to talk about episode 10 of The Sopranos season 6A, “Moe n’ Joe.”

The episode, written by Mad Men creator and father of M. Holden Weiner, Matthew Weiner, features both a recreation of Led Zeppelin album cover using Sal the lawnmower man, and visual gag using a model train entering a tunnel as a metaphor for gay sex. This Weiner is a mad man indeed.

Tony Soprano is both a man and mad at all times. This week he’s mad at Bobby for Janice reasons, at Janice because she’s Janice, and at Johnny Sack for talking about that thing of theirs to the prosecutors. The result is a rare combination of spite and grace to screw Johnny out of his house and give it to Janice. At least Janice, and by extension, Erin get something they want.

Another thing Erin wants: to warn Gen Z about the perils of bringing back Y2K fashion. If you can hear her words over the sound of your puka shells rustling and your Slipknot track jacket swishing, please heed her warning.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.