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505: Irregular Around The Margins, with PFT Commenter of Pardon My Take

Tony please don’t cuck me just because you can 

Writer and podcaster PFT Commenter from the Pardon My Take podcast joins Matt & Vince to teach you how to get a 2nd slice at The House of Prime Rib and also talk about The Sopranos season five episode five “Irregular Around the Margins.”

If you’re worried about spoilers, first of all, I’m surprised you’re still listening, but skip the first seven minutes. There, you’ve been warned.

Adriana’s got stress-induced IBS because of the war in the Middle East and Christopher is not a sympathetic partner. As pointed out in the podcast, Christoper is a collection of bad boyfriend cliches, which is maybe why everyone believed that she would hook up with Tony. It really looked like they were going to do it, if they hadn’t been in that car accident. This has the guys wondering, is it possible for two people to go on a late night coke run platonically? That conversation dovetails into a surprisingly detailed discussion of the attractiveness of every Flinstones character (they’re all pretty hot).

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

TEASER: Lumcoin, a new crytpo

Hey all,

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It’s just one of those days. Or three.

Woodstock 99 will forever go down in history as one of the biggest concert disasters in history and the new HBO Max documentary about it does absolutely nothing to dispel that myth. On this week’s Frotcast, Matt and Vince welcome back Frotcast favorite Joey Devine (from Roundball Rock) to discuss what they got wrong in the new documentary, and how at this point we need to stop blaming Fred Durst for everything.

We also talk about Spike Lee’s crypto commercial, different types of sandals, and some other stuff.

504: All Happy Families, with Tanner Johnson of DuckTales

You either die an AJ or live long enough to see yourself become a Janice.

On the latest Pod Yourself a Gun, writer and director Tanner Johnson from the new DuckTales series joins Matt and Vince to talk about season five episode four of The Sopranos, “All Happy Families.”

Your second and third favorite numetal meatheads go in depth on your favorite nu metal meathead, AJ Soprano. Written by Toni Kalem, the same Toni Kalem who plays Angie Bonpensiero, this episode is peak AJ. He goes to a Mudvayne concert, does some fat bong rips, lies to his parents, brags about being “learning disabled,” and gets mad at his mom about drums. He does not, however do any poppers or have weird sex.

We are also introduced to Tony Blundetto’s weird twin children who he managed to father while in prison. We learn that Tone somehow snuck his cousin’s seed out of the clink. As noted during the pod, this likely means that someone had to keister a Tony B. load to get it past security. Love to see dudes helping dudes.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.(https://twitter.com/brentflyberg)

TEASER: Romeo + Juliet = Twitter fight

Hey all,

Just a reminder that every week Vince and Matt have some exclusive Patreon content for you. Join now and listen to this amazing episode with comedian Grant Gordon.


Hey Frotters, this week Vince Mancini and Matt Lieb welcome comedian Grant Gordon to the pod to discuss all sorts of movie junk and TV trash. We talk about the Emmy noms, TV theme music, Rob Schneider’s anti-vax madness, sex toys, and Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet with Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio. Also, Matt occasionally leaves the studio to say hi to his mom, though most of that is done off mic. Just figured you should know it’s happening so you’re not confused. Enjoy!

TEASER: Frotcast 479 – Empathy Is Problematic, With Shereen Younes

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This week on the Frotcast, Shereen Younes from Ethnically Ambiguous is back on the pod to grill Matt about what it’s like being a twin, and whether twin comedians resent other twin comedians. We also talk about American Underdog, and Zachary Levi playing Kurt Warner in what sounds like a Christian film. In the process, we discover that Zachary Levi isn’t Jewish. Other topics include Shaquille O’Neal and an article Matt found in which someone with diagonosed psychosis explains which commonly used terms, such as “empathy,” are actually problematic. We take a side route into bike twitter, and finally, we even manage to discuss a movie — Zola, about the stripper tweet thread (no spoilers!). Finally, we explain why calling our listeners piggies is actually a term of endearment.

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502: Rat Pack, with Alison Rosen of ‘Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend’

Snitches and Rat Packs

Please, pull up a chair, take off your hat with the tiny microphone hidden inside, and listen to the latest episode of Pod Yourself A Gun. Alison Rosen of the Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend and Childish podcasts joins Matt and Vince to talk about The Sopranos season five episode two, “The Rat Pack.”

As the world’s only Sopranos podcast, it’s our responsibility to point out that the title of this episode Has two meanings. It refers to the trio of iconic crooners seen in the collage Jack Massarone gives to Tony in the first scene, and also Jack Massarone, Ray Curto and Adriana, who are ratting on Tony to the FBI. One phrase with two meanings? That’s modern art, baby. Tony is clear that he’s not a fan of art, which makes Alison, Matt, and Vince ask each other if that’s the writers way of showing disdain for these meathead characters who can’t appreciate art. Tony f*cks a lot, eats meats, and is strong, which is exactly the kind of guy a scrawny, dorky writer-type would hate, so maybe they are onto something.

Some other questions that we try to answer on the pod: Where do mafia guys get the dead rats to stuff into their dead snitch’s mouths? Is Tony fat, wide, or Sicilian husky? Is Vince’s heart too pure to win a game of poker? Can Matt effectively mansplain crypto to Alison? Listen now to find out.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg

TEASER: In The Heights, and the depths of Batman’s sex life

Hey all,

On this week’s frotcast (which you can get on the Filmdrunk Frotcast free feed or on the Patreon feed), we had Francesca Fiorentini (MSNBC, National Geographic, TYT) on the pod to talk Min Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights and other things. This teaser is less about the musical, and more about Justin Halpern’s recent story in Variety about Batman’s sex life.


Full ep description:

Yo what up bitch? This is LA Matt! Flap Flap Flap, In The Heights with dat HBOMAX. This week, we got Frotcast Lin Manuel correspondent Francesca Fiorentini in the home studio podding right next to her future husband. We talk about a lot of things in this one, like Halpern’s variety interview where he reveals that he was told “batman doesn’t eat pussy,” as well as Vince’s oral history of Tom Green’s bizarre 2001 movie Freddie Got Fingered. We also discuss Hilaria and Alec Baldwin’s brand new podcast about mental health. Finally, we do our official Frotcast review of In The Heights, a musical that makes Westside Story look authentic. It’s a fun one.

Pod Yourself A Gun Announcement and Frotcast Teaser

Hey all, if you haven’t figured it out yet there is a whole other podcast feed for the Filmdrunk Frotcast and if you wanna listen to this episode in it’s entirety, all you gotta do is type in Filmdrunk Frotcast and press subscribe. I guess you don’t technically HAVE to press subscribe but you really should. Here is a teaser to wet your beak.

Also, new episodes of Pod Yourself A Gun are being recorded as we speak and man do we have some great guests coming up. Really think you’re gonna love season 5. New episodes start at the end of June.

TEASER: Review of Mark Wahlberg’s Infinite – The Dumb Guy Matrix

Hey all, this week’s Patreon-only Frotcast is a review of a powerful new dumb guy movie that you need to see as soon as it’s released: Infinite. You can absolutely listen to the episode without having seen the movie so please become a Patreon subscriber.


“Have you ever had a dream so real you thought you actually said hi to your mother for me?” This week, Vince and Matt watched the brand new Mark Wahlberg sci-fi action flick “Infinite” which takes place in a world where a select group of people can remember their past lives and are fighting about it for some reason. In a nutshell, it’s a Matrix/Bourne Identity/Cloud Atlas mash-up for people with traumatic brain injuries. It’s peak dumb guy stuff. So of course we strongly recommend you watch this movie immediately. Enjoy!

[UNLOCKED] Frotcast 473 – The De Vil Wears Doggos

Hey Pod Yourself A Gun listeners,

Hope you are enjoying the PYAG hiatus and are handling it with patience and grace. The following is a FREE episode of the Filmdrunk Frotcast a.k.a. the pod that spawned our modest lil Sopranos podcast that you currently enjoy. Just want to encourage you to subscribe to the Frotcast on all your podcast devices and strongly encourage you to donate to the Patreon in order to feed upon our content while we start prepping season 5 of the Sopranos pod for you.


It’s time for your regularly scheduled program, the Filmdrunk Frotcast with Vince Mancini and Matt Lieb. This week, the boys watched the brand new Disney Plus movie event Cruella, an origin story for the fashionista/dog murdering villain from 101 Dalmatians. I’m positive this joke has been made before but it’s basically The Joker without all of that pesky incel energy. It’s a touching film about a #GirlBoss who slays the patriarchy on her long road to eventually slaying dogs. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest smart TV and stream it now.

We also discuss Bo Burnham’s new comedy special Inside as well as Ellie Kemper’s recent kerfuffle with being crowned the Yellow Queen at the KKK prom or something. Finally, Laremy Legal makes an appearance. Enjoy!