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TEASER: Little Stevie Seagal

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Hey all! Time for your weekly Frot and I can tell you with 100% sincerity that this is our best one yet. Vince and Matt are joined by Frotcast favorites Joey Avery and Laremy Legel to talk about Peter Bogdanovich’s final directorial work being a fucking NFT, Joss Whedon’s scandal, and Steven Seagal’s past (the real version, without all the lies.) Just a great episode all around. Enjoy!

BONUS: Interview With Joe Gannascoli (Vito Spatafore)

What Do You Know, What Do You Say to Joe Gannascoli?

In just six short seasons, Pod Yourself A Gun has gone from the only Sopranos podcast to the only Sopranos podcast to get an interview with the actor who played Gino in season one episode eight, “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti.” Remember? Christopher cuts him in line, and he gets all huffy about it? The actor’s name is Joseph R. Gannascoli, and you might also remember for his other work in the series, as the character performing the most surprising felatio history of television, Vito Spatafore.

In the latest Patreon-exclusive edition of PYAG, Matt and Vince talk to the man who played the man who killed Jackie Jr., lost a bunch of weight, got caught lassoing leather daddies, and ate Johnny Cakes in New Hampshire. During the conversation, Joe reveals how much of his own life was incorporated into the character, the book that inspired Vito’s gay storyline, and who the biggest ballbusters were on set.

Along with all the inside dirt on The Sopranos cast and crew, the conversation covers Joe’s fascinating journey from self-taught chef and self-proclaimed degenerate gambler to self-taught actor to golfing dad with two christmas trees. Sign up now at patreon.com/frotcast to listen AND if you sign up for the Pod Yourself a Shoutout tier, Vince will give you a mafia nickname on the podcast.


-Description by Brent Flyberg.

TEASER: Jair Bolsonaro’s Shrimp

Hey all,

First Frot of 2022 is out. Listen to the full episode by becoming a Patron!


Happy New Year! Our New Years resolution? More CONTENT! This week, Matt and Vince and PYAG producer Brent Flyberg talk about Gal Gadot playing Cleopatra, the 76ers weird new sponsor Colorstar which is impossible to explain in this description text, and the Nicolas Cage masterpiece “Pig” about a man and he fattest best friend. Ring in the New Year with this amazing episode.


608: Johnny Cakes, with author Leah Carroll


Writer, podcaster, and author of Down City: A Daughter’s Story of Love, Memory, and Murder, Leah Carrol joins Matt & Vince to talk about Vince’s favorite episode of The Sopranos, season 6a episode 8, “Johnny Cakes.”

Leah is a uniquely qualified guest, as she has a personal connection to an actual Rhode Island mob figure named Nicky Bianco, who introduced her to arugula. That’s the new bar. You cannot be a guest on PYAG unless you have been fed by an actual made guy. If a Gotti made you leek soup, hit us up. If not, just keep enjoying the slop we’re shoveling in your bowl, piggy.

In a bit of a reversal, the Soprano crime family’s most notorious bottom, Vito, is introduced to the titular Rhode Island delicacy by a volunteer firefighter beefcake named Johnny. Vito can receive what Johnny’s feeding him, but can he receive the love and affection he craves? As noted on the pod, this show was made for the modern cynical misanthrope, so don’t count on love setting anyone free.

While Vito is trying to find himself in New Hampshire, our favorite failson, AJ Soprano, is in New Jersey doing the same. Working at Blockbuster has its perks. He had an opportunity study knife fights in movies and utilize the techniques in an assassination attempt on Uncle Junior. But, AJ being AJ, he fumbles the blade before he has a chance to avenge his father. AJ is good guy, in that he is too soft and incompetent to kill someone. Poor guy never had a chance to gain his father’s approval through murder.

Let us know what we have to do to get some smoked turkey around here in a five-star review on Apple Podcasts.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

[UNLOCKED] Frotcast 498: Spidermatrix with Bobby and Joe

Hey all,

No podding ourselves a gun this week, but not to worry, we got a new years frotcast for you. It’s the full episode to keep you satiated til next week. And you can get even more episodes by subscribing to frotcast on Patreon. DO IT NOW! Enjoy!


The Frotcast is bringing in the new year with Matt and Vince’s text thread buddies Joe Sinclitico and Bobby Hacker. The boys talk about Don’t Look Up, The Matrix 4, and Spider-Man: Now Way Home. And a bunch of other stuff.

Goodbye 2021. It’s been fucked.

TEASER: Pod Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

A special Christmas gift for all of you out there who listen to Matt and Vince’s stupid little pods. Plus a little teaser of our Patreon only episode.

Thank you for being the best people in the world.


Vince is out for the week because of Christmas or whatever. But not to fear. Matt Lieb has invited both Joey Avery and Joe Sinclitico to the frotquarters to talk about all sorts of stuff. It’s definitely more of a hang than most Frotcasts. Enjoy and please see Pod Yourself A Gun live at SF Sketchfest on January 15th.

And make sure to watch Joey Avery’s 9 minute comedy special on YouTube!

Finally, this episode begins with a little Christmas song featuring some familiar voices. See if you can guess who sings what.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all you frotters out there.

606: Live Free or Die with comedian Amy Silverberg

Kiss On Both Cheeks

Grab some ribs, hop in your car, and throw on the latest Pod Yourself A Gun. Matt and Vince are joined by comedian, writer, professor, and weiner dog enthusiast Amy Silverberg to discuss The Sopranos season 6a episode 6 “Live Free or Die.”

This is the episode where everyone finds out Vito’s secret. The boys at the Bada Bing are mortified to hear from Finn that Vito has been on the receiving end of at least one penile encounter. As you can imagine, there is not a lot of acceptance among the wiseguys, which has Amy wondering if the younger mafia guys in 2021 are more open. According to her students, if you’re not bi, you’re a loser. Maybe today’s gangsters have progressed, but as far as Tony’s concerned, absolutely no gay stuff, unless you’re in prison for a while. That’s different.

We also meet Johnny Cakes for the first time. Go ahead and let out a big sigh while you stare at his potent mustache and think about that life you could have lived in a little town in Vermont if you weren’t such a good earner.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

TEASER: The Power of the Hog

Hey all,

Here’s a teaser for this week’s Frotcast with Vince and Matt and guest comedian Brent Flyberg. It opens with a little promo for the Pod Yourself A Gun live show at SF Sketchfest, so listen to that carefully and buy your tickets IMMEDIATELY. And join the Patreon to listen to the full episode!


We’re back! Apologies for the delay in podcasting but not really cuz it’s Christmas time. Matt Lieb is back this week and regales Vince and guest Brent Flyberg with tales of putting doo doo paper in the trash can during his 2 week trip to Costa Rica. Also, Jeremy Strong was recently interviewed by the New Yorker where it was revealed that he is the purest form of art baby. Finally, the frot crew discuss the recent crowning of former first lady Nancy Reagan as the Throat Goat. It’s a fun one.

Reminder: Please buy tickets to see Pod Yourself A Gun Live at SF Sketchfest on Saturday, January 15th at Pianofight theater at 10pm. It is going to be the best night of your life.

Teaser: Frotcast 495, Will Smith’s Weird Sex Life, With Laremy And Joey Avery

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This week on the Frot, Matt Lieb is in Costa Rica dropping acid with spider monkeys, changing his whole perspective on shit, but in order to fill the mustache-shaped void, we’ve got comedian Joey Avery and Whoop Dreams star Laremy Legel filling in. As for discussion topics, it turns out Steven Seagal isn’t the only celebrity with the unique physiological reaction to arousal. That’s right, we’re talking about Will Smith and his latest weird story about how he once had so much sex it started to make him puke. And hey, did his family adopt his girlfriend when he was a teen? Also, we’re comparing Will Smith’s performance as Richard Williams in King Richard to the actual Richard Williams. There’s also Joey’s trip to Jacksonville, Laremy’s experience growing up in Florida, and Thanksgiving food. I hope you enjoy it super duper hard.

TEASER – Britney Spears’ Fiancé

Hey all

Just a reminder to please subscribe to the Patreon to hear Vince and Matt talk about other things besides the Sopranos. On this week’s episode, we had a lengthy discussion about the Free Britney movement and her instagram fiancé Sam Asghari. Here’s a taste!




Hey Frotcast faithful, time for another incredible episode of your favorite podcast with your best internet friends Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini. This week, we had the Kings Cast’s very own Scott Wampler in the frotquarters to discuss many important film related things. We talked about the new Ghostbusters, the time Scott got in trouble with WB for seeing a movie too early, and Britney Spears’ fiancé’s insane personal assistants and more!

Truly a great episode.