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505: Irregular Around The Margins, with PFT Commenter of Pardon My Take

Tony please don’t cuck me just because you can 

Writer and podcaster PFT Commenter from the Pardon My Take podcast joins Matt & Vince to teach you how to get a 2nd slice at The House of Prime Rib and also talk about The Sopranos season five episode five “Irregular Around the Margins.”

If you’re worried about spoilers, first of all, I’m surprised you’re still listening, but skip the first seven minutes. There, you’ve been warned.

Adriana’s got stress-induced IBS because of the war in the Middle East and Christopher is not a sympathetic partner. As pointed out in the podcast, Christoper is a collection of bad boyfriend cliches, which is maybe why everyone believed that she would hook up with Tony. It really looked like they were going to do it, if they hadn’t been in that car accident. This has the guys wondering, is it possible for two people to go on a late night coke run platonically? That conversation dovetails into a surprisingly detailed discussion of the attractiveness of every Flinstones character (they’re all pretty hot).

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

405: Pie-o-My, with Stavros Halkias from Cum Town

Tony Soprano is a horse boy on the latest Pod Yourself A Gun.

Stavros Halkias from the Cum Town and Pod Don’t Lie podcasts joins Matt and Vince to talk about The Sopranos season four, episode five, Pie-O-My.

Before we get too far, if you’re worried about spoilers, maybe don’t listen to this episode just yet. Put it on and leave the room so we can still wet our beaks a little bit, but some future events are mentioned. There — you were warned. If you listen to this episode and hear some stuff you didn’t want to hear, that’s on you. You had 20 years to prevent this. What were you waiting for, by the way? The show saved Stav’s life twice already. Meanwhile you were watching what? House of Cards? Louie? That Workaholics episode where Chris D’Elia plays himself? You’re sick in the head.

Anyways for all the cool, normal folks who already saw it or won’t get mad because they understand how time, television and the internet work, this is a fun episode. The guys talk about the shady origins of Stav and Vince’s surnames, the audacity of Janice Soprano, and some excuses to do heroin. They also listen to a couple voicemails and Stav offers his thoughts on who did 9/11.

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Description by @brentflyberg