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Hello gabaghouls, it’s finally here. The clip show nobody asked for. This is the BEST OF SEASON 4 of Pod Yourself A Gun. We took all of our favorite moments from this past season and mashed it all up into a succinct 1 hour 45 min episode, complete with all of your favorite bits, segments, songs and Sopranos character analysis. And for those of you wondering when our next season is starting, don’t you worry, season 5 episode 1 comes out next week!

Many thanks to all of our amazing guests:
Max Collins of Eve 6
Amelia Cady
Will Menaker of Chapo Trap House
Patrick Monohan of What A Time pod
Stavros Halkias of Cum Town
Sofiya Alexandra of 420 Day Fiancée
Greg Edwards of Thug Notes
Brent Flyberg producer of PYAG
Mike Falzone of Dynamic Banter
Rachel Fisher and Desi Jedeikin of Hollywood Crime Scene
Johan Miranda of Dangerous World of Comedy
David Roth of Distraction podcast

412: Eloise, with Desi Jedeikin from Hollywood Crime Scene

Paulie Walnuts presents: A Goomba’s Guide to Loving Your Mom. 

Fresh from the oven like some scones Carmela Soprano baked for the “Fabio of The Sopranos,” as guest Desi Jedeikin from the Hollywood Crime Scene podcast calls Furio, there’s a piping hot new episode of Pod Yourself a Gun. It’s about dang time Matt and Vince got Desi on the show, as she introduced former guest and Hollywood Crime Scene co-host Rachel Fischer to The Sopranos. Her and the boys are talking about season four, episode twelve, “Eloise.”

This episode is more fun than taking a bunch of old ladies to see The Producers on Broadway, and if you say otherwise I will personally come to your place and smother you to death with a pillow like Paulie does to that old crone Minnie. Or, at least I’ll settle the dispute they had on the podcast about whether or not it’s possible to smother someone to death with a pillow. Don’t make me find out. You look like you have weak lungs.

To complement the pillow talk, there is also a bangin’ Bada-B story song parody about standing too close to a helicopter while urinating, and a discussion of Paulie’s performative mom love. He loves Nucci, but also he needs everyone in his immediate vicinity to know how much he loves Nucci. It’s sweet but gross — kind of like your mom.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg