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6b03: Remember When, with Dave Schilling

Remember when Lin Manuel Miranda was on The Sopranos?

Remember when writer and LA Times Style columnist Dave Schilling was on the pod during season two to talk about “Knights In White Satin Armor?” Remember how great that was? This week on the pod, Matt and Vince welcome Dave back for a conversation about The Sopranos season 6a, episode 3, “Remember When.”

Remember when Richie Aprile ran Beansy over? Well despite pooping in a bag for the rest of his life (to Paulie’s horror), Paulie and Tony find him in Florida, living a pretty good life. After Tony’s first body becomes unburied, he and Paulie bounce to the Panhandle State to lay low for a while. While on their little vacation, Tony is embarrassed to remember how cool he used to think Paulie was, while Paulie can’t stop remembering what happened to Big Pussy the last time he was on a boat with Tony.

Remember when Tony says, “‘Remember when’ is the lowest form of conversation?” That was this episode. The famous clip from the Remember When Machine segment bumper. During the segment, Dave, Matt, & Vince remember when Tila Tequila was a budding triple threat, but they do not remember any of the other early social media stars listed in the New York Post’s “Nine Hottest Celebs on the Web” article from 2007.  Remember print media?

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

FROTCAST TEASER: Woody Allen Keeps Not Being Cancelled

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212: Knights In White Satin Armor, With Dave Schilling

Back when we started this crazy Sopranos rewatch podcast all those year ago, “Knights In White Satin” was exactly the kind of episode we had in mind. Episode 12 of season two, this one really is one of the greatest Sopranos episodes ever, easily a top fiver. It introduces all sorts of new and interesting characters, from Jackie Aprile’s son Jackie Jr. to Irina’s cousin, the one-legged chain-smoking Svetlana (one of my favorite characters in all the Sopranos canon) whose boyfriend romantically picked her up off the floor at the Gap store. But for the most part, episode 212 is an entirely self-contained miniature movie, with fully developed plotlines, complete character arcs, big twists, and satisfying resolutions. I bet you didn’t think Richie and Janice’s wedding was going to turn out like that, did you! If you’re a Sopranos virgin looking for one episode to get you hooked, check out this one, I’m friggin’ tellin’ you over heah.

As always we have your hosts, comedian Matt Lieb from Newsbroke and film and culture critic Vince Mancini from Uproxx, and we also welcome sportswriter Dave Schilling (ESPN, Bleacher Report, The Ringer, The Guardian), currently of the Full Court Chat podcast. We go through every plotline in Bada B Stories, countdown our favorite scenes, and explain those bits you may have missed. We hope you enjoy it, but in case you don’t, va fongool.

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