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611: Cold Stones, with comedian/real Jersey Italian Paul Palmeri

Rosalie in Paris

Get your little berets and stinky cheeses ready for the latest PYAG. Comedian and actor Paul Palmeri joins Matt and Vince to talk about the Frenchest episode of The Sopranos, season 6A episode eleven, “Cold Stones.”

Paul, a self-described AJ-type, is a fitting guest for this AJ-heavy episode. After he gets fired from Blockbuster for loving the environment too much to let the promotional standees go unsold, Tony gets AJ a construction job. Framed as consequences for his poor decision making, Paul encourages AJ, and anyone listening, to cherish the opportunity to work outside and build things. Working inside and sending emails all day might not be physically demanding, but it will erode your soul in a way that young AJ will never understand. Imagine AJ in a conference room trying to learn scrum methodology or lean principles. Best case scenario: he’s a better project manager for a suicide attempt.

As much as all the dumb guys running this podcast love our dumb guy king AJ, this is a Rosalie Aprile episode. She’s in Paris showing the rest of us how to do a vacation. Get hit on by a hot young French person, buy some stuff, don’t poop, light a couple candles, and if your friend Carmela tries to kill the vibe by bringing up old trauma, kindly but firmly instruct her to shut the f*ck up. This is Paris, not therapy, you stunad. Eat a croissant and take some pictures you’ll never think about again. Leave dead family members where they belong — New Jersey’s Belleville.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.