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6b09: Made In America, with David J Roth of Distraction Pod

We Podded Ourselves The Whole Gun

This is it. The last episode of the only Sopranos podcast ever made. Load it into a yellow Xterra, push the Nissan out to sea, and set it ablaze for a proper New Jersey Italian Viking funeral. Joining Matt and Vince to discuss “Made In America” and close out the series, the Dennis Eckersly of podcasting, from Defector, David J. Roth.

Where were you when The Sopranos cut o black? Screaming at the TV? Calling your cable company? Remembering 9/11? 11.9 million people watched (there better be just as many people listening to this episode) as Meadow parked, Tony looked up, and Journey implored everyone watching to continue believing. Believe in what exactly? What was David Chase trying to tell us with that song? Considering he chose Don’t Stop Believing just because everyone in the production crew hated it, I think he was trying to say *mouthfarrrrrrt*.

What a sh*thead legend. That’s what a grown-up AJ would do. You don’t like the song at the end of the TV show? You know we’re killing civilians in the Middle East everyday right? And this is how you spend your time? Upset at the song at the end of your favorite TV show? What rough beast yeets towards Bethlehem to be born. As indicated by this final, AJ-centric episode, the world belongs to the AJs now. Be safe and don’t use too many slurp juices on one ape.

It’s been an honor to be a part of such a fun thing that so many people enjoyed. We had a  great time making it, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all our guests, cured meats,  the decline of the American Empire, classic rock, autotune, HBO, David Beckham, fish and chips, *Borat voice* our wives,  Raytheon, New Jersey, George Soros, The Sopranos sound design team, Prozac, track suits, Stevie B, Little Steven, Steve Buscemi, The American Italian Anti-Defamation League, and of course, Stephen Jenkins.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

605: Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request with Brent Flyberg

My Big Fat Mob Wedding

PYAG and Tony are back to work. Matt and Vince are joined by comedian, podcaster, generous lover, and big muscle haver, Brent Flyberg to discuss The Sopranos season 6a episode 5, “Mr & Mrs. Sacrimoni Request…”

In this episode, directed by Tony Uncle Al himself, Johnny Sack’s daughter is getting married, and Tony’s worried that all the jackals he hangs out with are noticing how weak he is after his coma. He also can’t help but notice how hot all these jackals are. Bobby Bacala is Bobby boom shakalaka shaking the rim with monster dunks, Paulie’s got big hairy biceps, and this spicy new driver looks like Dominic Torretto if he liked working out more than he liked drinking Coronas and working on cars.

Tony can’t keep his eyes off Muscles Marinara, and Vito can’t maintain his double life after getting spotted at a leather daddy bar. He’s wearing some kind of long-sleeve mock turtleneck under his leather vest, which Vince points out is the leather daddy equivalent of a t-shirt in the pool. A lot of body related insecurity in this episode. These characters should get on Brent’s workout plan. That dude is ripped, and he volunteers? What a guy.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

TEASER – Dune and Sex Robots

Here’s a little clip from this week’s Frotcast. You can listen to the whole thing by becoming a Patreon! It’s worth it!

Full ep description:

“Fear is the mind killer. ” – a guy who’s about to eat butt.

It’s finally here, guys. A good Dune movie. This week Matt and Vince have PYAG co-producer Brent Flyberg on the pod to talk Dune and other movies he hasn’t seen. But it’s still a very good episode, as both Vince and Matt have seen the movie and liked it very much. I’m sure you will like it too. You’ll like the episode at least.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Many Saints of Discord Live Riff! 10/4 @ 6pm PST

Matt Lieb here with a special Pod Yourself a Gun/Frotcast announcement. On Monday, October 4, at 6pm PST, Vince Mancini, Brent Flyberg and I will be watching and talking over The Many Saints of Newark live on Discord. We haven’t done a live riff episode in a while and this is our first time doing it on Discord so it’s sure to be a fun time watching Vince scream at his computer because of technical problems. I will also be bad at it, but Vince is funnier when he’s mad at computers.

In the past, our monthly movie riff episode has been exclusively for the $20 patrons but since we haven’t done this in a while and NEVER done it on Discord, for this month only, anyone at the $5 tier or above will be able to watch with us. Once you subscribe to our Patreon, you will automatically be assigned a role on Discord and we are allowing ALL ROLES to watch with us. If you have any technical issues we will try our best to work them out with you. But if Vince can do it, so can you. 

OK see y’all Monday Cctober 4th at 6pm PST for the Many Saints of Newark live riff. 

Pod Yourself Another Mailbag – Season 5 edition (Part 1)

It’s here. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. No, not a review of The Many Saints of Newark though that is something to look forward to… no I’m talking about the SEASON 5 MAILBAG EPISODE!

Matt and Vince and guest/producer Brent Flyberg compiled a seasons worth of your questions, comments and concerns – and as many voicemails as we could possibly listen to – and tried to get through every one. Obviously we could play every voicemail because some of you have terrible reception, but we played most of them and we read a ton of your emails.

As always, part 2 of the mailbag episode is available on Patreon! So become a patron right away and listen to both parts plus all of the other legendary Frotcast and PYAG content.

408: Mergers and Acquisitions, with Brent Flyberg from Pod Yourself A Gun

Green Grove plastics and tell-tale acrylics.

For this very special episode of Pod Yourself A Gun, Matt and Vince are joined by their coolest, handsomest, most shredded guest yet to discuss the Sopranos season four episode eight, Mergers and Acquisitions. Who is this iconic sex-symbol special guest? None other than Los Angeles based comedian from The Reactivaders podcast and producer of PYAG, Brent Flyberg (sono io, stunad).

Sort of ironic to have such a universally beloved figure as guest to talk about this episode of The Sopranos considering how much of the plot centers on Paulie’s mom’s status as a social pariah at the Green Grove retirement center. Take it from me, Nucci, if you want people to like you, put your teeth in, stop crying, and stop snitching.

A highlight so far in season four, the episode also has Tony asking some big questions about human sexuality. What is sex? Is it more than just penisary contact with a vulva? And how raw can your proto-Youtube prankster goomar rub your colleague’s penis with a cheese grater before she is off limits? Find out by listening now. Solid B+ episode with an A++ guest.

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Description by @brentflyberg