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6b02: Stage 5, with Brendan from the Frotcast

Ride the Painted Pod, Let the Spinning Wheel Cast

Much like a child, a podcast has many parents. That is to say, many individuals who act like parents, or that by a version, the podcast is their baby. This week’s guest is one of those individuals. Certainly one of PYAG’s parents is The Frotcast, and Joining Matt and Vince to break down The Sopranos Season 6b, episode 2, “Stage 5,” is The Frotcast’s largest daddy, Brendan.

If this were an episode of Friends, it would be called, “The One with Chrissy’s Movie Premiere.” Cleaver, the film with many parents, is finally ready for public consumption, and while the graphic violence might strike some as unsettling, it’s the possible inspiration for the film’s overbearing, selfish, mob boss antagonist that was Tony feeling uncomfortable. As he tells Dr. Melfi, he knows too much about the subconscious now to believe that Chrissy still respects him after seeing Stephen Baldwin’s portrayal of him.

The episode also features the most British song yet. Stick around to the end to hear it.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.


Surprise gidruls!

What a terrible year it’s been. Solid B+ of a year, at best. And in order to celebrate our mass exodus out of this year, we have complied a Pod Yourself A Gun season 3 BEST OF! It’s got all your favorite clips, mash ups, shitty theories, and bad art analysis. It took a long long time to make so if you enjoy it please consider subscribing to our Patreon.com/frotcast, or just give us 5 stars and review if you hated it but appreciate the effort.

From Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, Brent Flyberg and everyone at the PYAG family, we thank you for listening to our Sopranos podcast. Not that you have a choice.


Track List:

-Intro Song

-“Truly The Best Sopranos Song” with Brendan from the Frotcast

-Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House explains John From Cincinnati

-Alan Sepinwall from Rolling Stone calls us the lowest form of discourse

-“I Don’t Wanna Suck My Daddy’s Dick No More”

-Gigi dies on a toilet with comedian Jason Webb

-Chrissy is high at Livia’s wake with comedian Brodie Reed

-Livia’s final scene mash up

-Remember When John Phillips Died? with Francesca Fiorentini from The Bitchuation Room

-Remember When Tiger Woods was a beloved figure? with Mike Isaac of The New York Times

-Remember When Tucker Carlson merely leaned right wing?

-Remember Gary Condit?

-Remember Shaggy? with Jay Gordon from FSCKD Pod

-Matt needs to be coddled in order to talk about Melfi being attacked

-Pine Barrens with Jack O’Brien from The Daily Zeitgeist

-Vince get geo-political with the Russian

-Matt is sick of David Chase’s shit

-Alan tells Matt and Vince that David Chase may have listened to the pod

-Saved By The Bell/Killed By The Boss

-Sunshine deserved to die featuring Matt Christman

-Jackie Jr. talks about fashion and cream

-Paulie is doing proto-twitter discourse, with Rachel Fisher from the Hollywood Crime Scene podcast

-Noah Tannenbaum meets Barenaked Ladies, with Brodie Reed

-Meadow and Noah pretend to adult, with Carey O’Donnell from Sexy Unique Podcast

-Poor people fight their parents with Jason Webb

-Matt’s theory about the Meadow/Noah/Caitlin love triangle

-Carm gets the worst therapist, with Mike Isaac

-Ralphie is a good father

-Jackie can’t read Poe, with Samar Kalaf of Defector Media

-Matt’s story about Mariana

-Janice Soprano: Petty Godfather with Carey O’Donnell

-Jr Soprano’s tumor board

-90’s flashbacks with Rachel Fisher

-Matt tells Mike Isaac his Big Mouth Billy Bass story

-AJ Soprano likes to Break Stuff and so does Vince Mancini

-Gloria is a mess

-Gloria/Raffi mash up


-Core Ungrato aka Gabagool Va fangool!

-A Nice Voicemail

-Solid B plus

-Producer Brent Flyberg says hi!

306: University, With Brendan From The Frotcast

Are You Not Bread Pies Now? Pod Yourself a Gun covers The Sopranos season 3 episode 6, “University”

On this week’s episode of Pod Yourself a Gun, one of the surviving co-founders of the Filmdrunk Frotcast joins Matt and Vince to talk about The Sopranos season 3 episode 6, “University.” Brendan is on the show and Marone! He’s a big-a meatball!

The episode features one of the best one-episode characters in The Sopranos’ run, Tracee. Poor, sweet Tracee. Ralphie could never love her as much as he loved the movie Gladiator (remember when that guy gets hit with the spike thing and chunks of his head go flying? That was so phat). Really there are a lot of examples of men and boys being bad in their own unique ways in this episode. Ralphie is an absolute psycho, Georgie at the Bada Bing is making the girls do him personal favors to get into the VIP room, and we learn Noah is a limo-liberal f*ckboi.

Come to this week’s podcast for the titties and meat analysis you know and love, but stay for the premiere of what will be remembered as the Western canon’s most influential Sopranos-inspired Kinks parody song. Write the next verse and put it in a five star review on iTunes.

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