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506: Sentimental Education, with Anna Hossnieh from Ethnically Ambiguous

Tony B. throwing it all away

On the newest edition of PYAG, Anna Hossnieh from the Ethnically Ambiguous podcast and Deckheads on Twitch joins Matt & Vince to talk about The Sopranos season five, episode six “Sentimental Education.”

The episode, penned by Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, feels personal. Everyone thinks AJ’s teacher, Mr. Wegler, is gay because he reads stuff like Madam Bovary, so Weiner is like, oh yeah? Well this guy everyone thinks is gay just because he likes literature? Guess what, he’s shtupping your wife, Tony.

Also Tony B. throws his fresh start away for twelve thousand dollars and Anna points out that Carmela’s view of AJ’s intelligence is so low that she’s worried he won’t get into Arizona State. Take that, Sun Devils, you’re AJ-level dumb.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

Sopranos lady with Pie in her face

Pod Yourself A Gun 9: Boca, With Anna Hossnieh From Daily Zeitgeist

For episode nine, Anna Hossnieh from The Daily Zeitgeist and Ethnically Ambiguous podcasts joins Pod Yourself A Gun to talk “Boca,” episode nine of The Sopranos. Released March 7, 1999, “Boca” is allegedly a double meaning title, referring both to Uncle Junior’s trip to Boca Raton with his girlfriend Bobbi Sanfilipo, and as in Italian/Spanish for mouth, since this episode is all about loose lips. Junior’s loose lips because he likes to perform cunnilingus, and Bobbi’s because she loves cunnilingus and loves to gab to all her friends about Junior’s cunnilingus skills. Which is a problem for Junior because apparently in the mafia, doing oral sex on a lady makes you gay. Doing the last thing any gay man would want to do is one of the gayest things you can do, as we know. Eventually he pulls a modified Cagney on her which seems extremely rude.

Other plotlines include Meadow’s soccer coach abandoning the team to coach at Rhode Island, and Meadow’s soccer coach having sex with one of the players, which leads her to slit her wrists on the swingset, which is where everyone loves to slit their wrists, obviously. Meanwhile Artie and Charmaine bicker over what to do about Tony, and Artie and Tony bicker over what to do with the soccer coach, and Junior and Mikey Palmice bicker over what to do about the feds. Silvio just nods a lot. Supposedly he wore his own golf hat for this episode. Incredible.

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