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6b07: The Second Coming, with Francesca Fiorentini

Depression is “Break Stuff” Pointed Inward

The world’s only socialist wife-guy Sopranos podcast welcomes the return of podcaster, comedian, journalist, and #1 Matt Lieb tolerater Francesca Fiorentini to talk to Matt & Vince about season 6b episode 7, “The Second Coming.”

AJ’s back in school, but as Fran points out, he doesn’t need a political science degree, he needs to smoke a little weed. The only thing liberal arts education can do for AJ is make him depressed. And boy is he depressed. He’s so depressed that not even Chamillionaire’s Ridin Dirty can convince him that life is worth living. He knows that The US sees the Middle East rolling, and they’re hating enough to bomb Iran. How can he live in a world that is so dicked up?

Despite Carmela’s attempts to cheer him up with Lincoln logs (which some internet research revealed to be  a hot dog split open and slathered with cream cheese, similar to a Seattle-style street dog), AJ’s “Rude Goldberg suicide machine” is, of course, constructed incompetently enough to avoid a second episode in a row with a major character death. This is why AJ could never be a mob guy. How can he be expected to wack someone when he couldn’t even take out his own depressed self?

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.