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Pod Yourself Tix to Hollywood Quars Thursday June 4

Hey everyone, Matt Lieb here co-host of the Frotcast and Pod Yourself A Gun.

Anyway, I’m all up in the feed right now because tomorrow, or today, Thursday, June 4th at 7:30pm PST, I am hosting a YouTube live streaming game show called Hollywood Quars and I would love for you to buy tickets to it. Tickets are available at

So what is Hollywood Quars, you ask? It’s a game show where I ask 9 comedians trivia questions that I do not know the answer to.

Here’s how it works:

The host Matt Lieb will ask a contestant a question and the contestant will give their answer. Then I’ll say whether I “agree” or “disagree” with the answer. Then our judges/producers Ali Hart and Rebecca Rufer will tell us if the answer actually *is* correct incorrect.

They get one point for correct answers whether I “agree” or not. But if the contestant gives me a very convincing incorrect answer, and I “agree” with it, they get two points. That means getting me to believe a wrong answer will get you more points. Of course if they lie to me and I can tell they are lying and disagree, they get zero points. 

Basically it’s a game that rewards good liars over good students. It’s a game expressly designed for comedians to dunk on me for spending all of high school focusing on landing a kickflip rather than reading like a single book.

It’s really fun and I know you’ll like it, possibly even love it.

Tickets are only $8 dollars and we’re giving half of the money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund who are helping protesters nationwide to get bailed out of jail. Shit is crazy right now and they need all the help they can get.

I know some of you were thinking “I wanna help the protesters but I don’t know how.” Well now you can buy a ticket to Hollywood Quars and you’re already doing your part.

The comedians we have are as follows:

Steph Tolev.

Brandie Posey.

Chris Estrada

Sean Keane

Baron Vaughn

Jessica Sele

Madison Shepard

Casey Ley

Caitlin Gill

So again, buy your ticket to see Hollywood Quars and you’ll be sent a secret link to the show on the day of the show, which streams on Thursday June 4th at 7:30PM PST. Please do it. I love you.

Check Out ‘Made Women,’ Now Available

Good morning, Podsiglieres. We know how much you love Pod Yourself A Gun, for the laugh-out-loud comedy, the intense drama, and the staggering insights Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini lay out each week. But this week we’re drawing your attention to Made Women: A Sopranos Rewatch Podcast.

Hosted by Sopranos cast members Drea De Matteo who played Adriana La Cerva, and her best friend, entrepreneur and New Jersey native Chris Kushner, Made Women is taking listeners straight back to the New Jersey Turnpike for a deep dive into the iconic mafioso world that truly changed the course of television. Each week, Drea and Chris will unpack a different episode from the series, exploring themes and ideas from the show while also relating those themes back to their current lives. Made Women will feature lively discussions, special guests, exclusive insider input, stories from behind the scenes, and so much more. So, after you check out this clip that we’re about to play, go ahead and click the link in this episode description or search Made Women on Apple Podcasts or wherever you stream audio content to subscribe for free and be sure to catch new episodes every Monday!

Click here to Listen: Made Women