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[TEASER] They/Them May/Hem

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Here’s your weekly teaser for the Frotcast on Patreon. Please sign up immediately. It’s super worth it.


We’re back again with another dose of sweet Frotcast content. Comedian/writer Adrian McNair is back to talk about the Baz Luhrmann Elvis biopic with Matt and Vince. Also, we have an Ezra Miller update. Warning, we may have forgotten about their pronouns during the first part of the conversation and Matt tried his best to edit the correct pronouns into the pod but at some point he just said fuck it. Our bad!

Frotcast 510 (Teaser): Matt Gets Married, Top Gun, And Seth Green’s Stolen Apes

What’s up, Frotcast fans. It’s a huge week, in that Matt Lieb just got married. He’s currently in Mexico, so it’s a good thing that we recorded this Frotcast just before he left. We brought back Joe Sinclitico, comedy extraordinaire and current winery food truck proprietor, with whom we discuss all things weddings, the movie Top Gun, Joe’s Jessica Alba Story, Seth Green’s stolen Bored Ape NFTs and more. We hope you all enjoy at LEAST enough to subscribe on the Patreon, where for the low low price of $5 you can obtain access to the full episode as well as all manner of past full episodes. Tumescent episodes. Turgid episodes, with which to fill your ear holes with content cream. Oops I have to go, got too horny.

[TEASER] The Sopranos Finale with David J Roth

The final episode of the Sopranos has happened and it is up on the Patreon feed now. Please join the Patreon and listen to it. It’s 2 and a half hours long and it features guest David J Roth. Sure you could wait for it to come on the free feed, but why be like that tho? Don’t deny yourself the savory slop, you’ve earned it. Join the Patreon, eat your treats.

Here’s a teaser!

[TEASER] Francesca Fiorentini is back on PYAG!

Your early access to PYAG is here on Patreon! This week, Matt welcomed his future wife and baby momma Francesca Fiorentini to talk “The Second Coming” episode of the Sopranos where AJ’s depression gets the better of him and he tries to Abu Ghraib himself in the duck pool. It’s a great episode with a banger bada b story. Enjoy this teaser and then SUBSCRIBE IMMEDIATELY!

[TEASER] Mike Falzone Thinks Chris Should Wear His Seatbelt

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First of all MAILBAG EPISODE NEXT WEEK! So please send us your emails and voicemails now!

Also, here is a sneak peak of next week’s pod! Mike Falzone is back and talking about the amazing “Kennedy and Heidi” episode in which we wrap up Chrissy’s storyline. Early access for anyone who subs to the Patreon! And you should sub because I need the money for my baby.

Teaser – Early Access to “Chasing It” w Will Menaker

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Returning PYAG champion Will Menaker is back on the pod talking about the episode where we meet Goth Vito Jr and an openly anitsemitic Tony Soprano. You can listen to it now on Patreon! Or wait like a STUNAD!