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[TEASER] TikTok Theory About Microplastics

Hey all,

Here is your regular teaser for this week’s Frotcast, which you can listen to in full on Patreon.



Hey frotcast faithful,

This week Matt and Vince invited the hilarious TV writer and comedian Adrian McNair to the frotquarters to celebrate Juneteenth. We talk about all sorts of subjects, including a DM Matt got informing him that this very podcast was responsible for a marriage! Also, Adrian tells us the story of the time he was traveling in Spain and met an antisemitic Chinese woman who was interested in Adrian’s black genetics. We also talk about the strange history of blackface, NFTs, and a TikTok theory about microplastics. Enjoy!

Frotcast 510 (Teaser): Matt Gets Married, Top Gun, And Seth Green’s Stolen Apes

What’s up, Frotcast fans. It’s a huge week, in that Matt Lieb just got married. He’s currently in Mexico, so it’s a good thing that we recorded this Frotcast just before he left. We brought back Joe Sinclitico, comedy extraordinaire and current winery food truck proprietor, with whom we discuss all things weddings, the movie Top Gun, Joe’s Jessica Alba Story, Seth Green’s stolen Bored Ape NFTs and more. We hope you all enjoy at LEAST enough to subscribe on the Patreon, where for the low low price of $5 you can obtain access to the full episode as well as all manner of past full episodes. Tumescent episodes. Turgid episodes, with which to fill your ear holes with content cream. Oops I have to go, got too horny.