607: Luxury Lounge, with Allen Strickland Williams

It’s The Ring Meets Pod Yourself A Father

Comedian and writer Allen Strickland Wiliams joins Matt and Vince for a conversation about Powder (1995), Nuovo Vesuvio’s response to COVID, and season 6a episode 7 of The Sopranos, “Luxury Lounge.”

As Allen notes early on, the episode discussed belongs to a specific Sopranos subgenre of episodes that feature neither a therapy scene, nor any advancement of the major mob-related plots. “Pine Barrens” is another example. “Luxury Lounge” may not be as memorable as “Pine Barrens,” but it’s definitely the only Sopranos episode in which Lauren Bacall gets punched in the face.

Chris goes to Los Angeles for a meeting with an uninterested Ben Kingsley about a role in Cleaver, and notices that, not for nothing, but Hollywood is the home of the real gangsters. These famous actors get awards for pretending to be someone else, and even if they don’t win, they get free sunglasses.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.