603: Mayham, with Ashley Ray from TV, I Say

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On this week’s episode, there’s a fresh casualty in the battle of the blank pod. Matt and Vince are joined by writer, comedian, and author of one of Vince’s favorite tweets, Ashley Ray to talk about The Sopranos season six, episode three, “Mayham.”

The episode contains the conclusion of the Kevin Finnerty saga, and the introduction of Christopher’s passion project, Cleaver. It’s a digital horror movie about a wiseguy with a big mouth and bigger dreams, which is also how I pitch this podcast to prospective listeners. Just a couple of wiseguys with big mouths, bigger dreams, and a functional knowledge of Audacity’s autotune feature.

The Sopranos writers room’s favorite punching bag, J.T. Dolan, is back. He’s tasked with writing Cleaver to settle his debts with Christopher, and to remind the viewers that all writers are ineffectual cowards who will just watch as you get beat and kidnapped.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.