509: Unidentified Black Males, with Miles Gray of The Daily Zeitgeist

There Was No Abundant Intentionality In Making The Pod

Miles Gray from The Daily Zeitgeist and 420 Day Fiance joins Matt & Vince to break down The Sopranos season five episode nine, “Unidentified Black Males.”

A lot happens in the episode. Finn learns too much about what his new construction site friends are really like, Tony Deals with the fallout from Tony B.’s extracurricular activities, Carmella asks for a divorce, and everyone somehow finds a way to pin the blame on some black guys. The episode is probably best remembered as the one where Vito is topping off a security guard in his car, but every storyline has at least one surprise, a laugh-out-loud joke, and some stellar performances.

The stress of holding on to Vito’s makes Finn think about leaving town, igniting a fight with Meadow that Matt, Vince, and Miles agree is too relatable. The ones  where you’ve fought your way to the logical conclusion of a relationship, but you’re too young to know you can just be alone and be fine, so you double down on commitment like Finn’s hasty proposal that seems more motivated by the idea of going to bed than love. If you’re reading this, you and your boo are in college, and it’s not working, just break up. It will be fine. If you feel sad, listen to this week’s Bada-B story song.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.