504: All Happy Families, with Tanner Johnson of DuckTales

You either die an AJ or live long enough to see yourself become a Janice.

On the latest Pod Yourself a Gun, writer and director Tanner Johnson from the new DuckTales series joins Matt and Vince to talk about season five episode four of The Sopranos, “All Happy Families.”

Your second and third favorite numetal meatheads go in depth on your favorite nu metal meathead, AJ Soprano. Written by Toni Kalem, the same Toni Kalem who plays Angie Bonpensiero, this episode is peak AJ. He goes to a Mudvayne concert, does some fat bong rips, lies to his parents, brags about being “learning disabled,” and gets mad at his mom about drums. He does not, however do any poppers or have weird sex.

We are also introduced to Tony Blundetto’s weird twin children who he managed to father while in prison. We learn that Tone somehow snuck his cousin’s seed out of the clink. As noted during the pod, this likely means that someone had to keister a Tony B. load to get it past security. Love to see dudes helping dudes.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.(https://twitter.com/brentflyberg)