TEASER: Patreon review of “Those Who Wish Wish Me Dead” on HBO Max

Hey Podsiglieres, the following is a little taste of Matt and Vince’s non-Sopranos podcast The Frotcast in which we talk movies, sports, stuff we find on the internet, and much MUCH more. This week we had Pod Yourself A Gun producer Brent Flyberg on to talk “Those Who Wish Me Dead.” Give yourself the gift of continued Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini content while they prepare for season 5 of PYAG by going to www.patreon.com/frotcast and subscribing!


Of all of the movie roles that Angelina Jolie has chosen not to pass on in her long and illustrious career, this one might be the absolute worst. This week on your favorite podcast, Vince and Matt invite PYAG producer Brent Flyberg to the virtual Frotquarters to talk HBO Max’s “Those Who Wish Me Dead” – a movie where Angelina Jolie plays a firefighter who can’t run and has to save a child from a team of hitmen who want him dead for no real reason on the order of Tyler Perry. It’s inexplicable. It makes no sense. And, in a way, it’s glorious. It’s like a movie written by cocaine. Like if cocaine got the Dr Frankenstein treatment, was zapped into being and decided to write a screenplay. We also talk about Bill Gates again, the dark side of Bob Ross and how Mr. Rogers definitely had some skeletons in his closet. It’s a great episode. Enjoy!