Pod Yourself A Gun: The Mailbag Episode, Part 1

Parvati Wasatch finally acknowledges the only Sopranos podcast.

The piggies have become the slop creators, as Matt, Vince, and producer Brent are eating up listener-submitted voicemails and emails on a special mailbag edition of Pod Yourself a Gun. We answer questions like, which civilian Sopranos character would be the best earner? What’s the most appealing food on the show? and would you eat your wife’s placenta? We get into it on the pod, but I would not only eat my wife’s placenta, I would eat your wife’s placenta. I truly think if I could eat a placenta every day, my body would be so strong I would never die.

We also have a very special voicemail from Janice Soprano herself. Aida Turturro calls in to sing happy birthday to Matt in four or five different styles . This is definitely the result of diligent booking and not a Cameo

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-Description by Brent Flyberg