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TEASER: Frotcast 472, Fartlow Hanging Fruit w Jessica Sele

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Are you a semi-retired child psychologist who hasn’t dealt with the grief of accidentally killing your own child and actor Anthony Mackie? Then “The Woman In The Window” is the movie for YOU.  This week on the frotcast, we wecome back comedian Jessica Sele to the virtual frotquarters to talk about the new Amy Adams movie, as well as the Israel discourse about Eve Fartlow, and much much more.

Also, will you be in LA during Memorial Day Weekend? Because Jessica Sele is doing a live comedy show called Cult Comedy and we would love for you to attend and support. Buy ticket at

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Finally, shoutout to @Chet Plexico for the opening Lum song lyrics!

TEASER: Patreon review of “Those Who Wish Wish Me Dead” on HBO Max

Hey Podsiglieres, the following is a little taste of Matt and Vince’s non-Sopranos podcast The Frotcast in which we talk movies, sports, stuff we find on the internet, and much MUCH more. This week we had Pod Yourself A Gun producer Brent Flyberg on to talk “Those Who Wish Me Dead.” Give yourself the gift of continued Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini content while they prepare for season 5 of PYAG by going to and subscribing!


Of all of the movie roles that Angelina Jolie has chosen not to pass on in her long and illustrious career, this one might be the absolute worst. This week on your favorite podcast, Vince and Matt invite PYAG producer Brent Flyberg to the virtual Frotquarters to talk HBO Max’s “Those Who Wish Me Dead” – a movie where Angelina Jolie plays a firefighter who can’t run and has to save a child from a team of hitmen who want him dead for no real reason on the order of Tyler Perry. It’s inexplicable. It makes no sense. And, in a way, it’s glorious. It’s like a movie written by cocaine. Like if cocaine got the Dr Frankenstein treatment, was zapped into being and decided to write a screenplay. We also talk about Bill Gates again, the dark side of Bob Ross and how Mr. Rogers definitely had some skeletons in his closet. It’s a great episode. Enjoy!

413: Whitecaps, with David Roth from the Distraction podcast

A cast of pod which the world, every morning, strains and pushes out of its butt. 


On the newest edition of Pod Yourself A Gun, David Roth from Defector Media and The Distraction podcast joins Matt and Vince to talk about The Sopranos season four episode thirteen, “Whitecaps.”


The season four finale is widely regarded as one of the series’ best, and will ask you, if you can, to imagine where you are on the pecking order. A call from Irina leaves Carmela feeling low, and tears the Sopranos family away from each other and from the beach house from which the episode gets its title.


Even with Tony’s breathing sounding, as David points out, like a pug on a hot day, the episode has Edie Falco and James Gandolfini turning in two of the finest performances ever seen on television. They both won Emmy’s for this.


If there were awards for great single-serving Sopranos jerkass characters, I would definitely give one to the episode’s other star, Alan Sapinsly, or as he calls himself, “A.S.” He owns the house Tony wants to buy and boy does he want you to know he’s a lawyer and he knows what “tort” means. What a perfect Sundance swag hat-wearing a*hole.

We’re taking a short break in between seasons, so tell us how much you miss us in a five star review on Apple Podcasts.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg

412: Eloise, with Desi Jedeikin from Hollywood Crime Scene

Paulie Walnuts presents: A Goomba’s Guide to Loving Your Mom. 

Fresh from the oven like some scones Carmela Soprano baked for the “Fabio of The Sopranos,” as guest Desi Jedeikin from the Hollywood Crime Scene podcast calls Furio, there’s a piping hot new episode of Pod Yourself a Gun. It’s about dang time Matt and Vince got Desi on the show, as she introduced former guest and Hollywood Crime Scene co-host Rachel Fischer to The Sopranos. Her and the boys are talking about season four, episode twelve, “Eloise.”

This episode is more fun than taking a bunch of old ladies to see The Producers on Broadway, and if you say otherwise I will personally come to your place and smother you to death with a pillow like Paulie does to that old crone Minnie. Or, at least I’ll settle the dispute they had on the podcast about whether or not it’s possible to smother someone to death with a pillow. Don’t make me find out. You look like you have weak lungs.

To complement the pillow talk, there is also a bangin’ Bada-B story song parody about standing too close to a helicopter while urinating, and a discussion of Paulie’s performative mom love. He loves Nucci, but also he needs everyone in his immediate vicinity to know how much he loves Nucci. It’s sweet but gross — kind of like your mom.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg

TEASER: Matt Lieb is Engaged and More News

Here’s a little teaser from our latest bonus Frotcast episode for Patreon. Matt Lieb shares some very special news about commitment: he is engaged, and also another thing that you’ll find out about at the end of the teaser. Also, we talk about newly divorced dad, Bill Gates, and whether Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos will become the superior divorced dad billionaire super villain. Beyond Bill and Bezos there’s also Ben, Affleck that is, who got “caught” (if you can call it that) doing regular ass divorced dad stuff like tryna holla at girls on dating apps. Not the trash dating apps piggies like you use, the special ones for celebrities, that you can only be on if you’re a big star like Ben Affleck or some random Tik Toker who will share videos of Ben Affleck tryna holla. Boy, this was a journey. Also, Laremy is here! Everyone loves Laremy.

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Pod Yourself A Gun: The Mailbag Episode, Part 1

Parvati Wasatch finally acknowledges the only Sopranos podcast.

The piggies have become the slop creators, as Matt, Vince, and producer Brent are eating up listener-submitted voicemails and emails on a special mailbag edition of Pod Yourself a Gun. We answer questions like, which civilian Sopranos character would be the best earner? What’s the most appealing food on the show? and would you eat your wife’s placenta? We get into it on the pod, but I would not only eat my wife’s placenta, I would eat your wife’s placenta. I truly think if I could eat a placenta every day, my body would be so strong I would never die.

We also have a very special voicemail from Janice Soprano herself. Aida Turturro calls in to sing happy birthday to Matt in four or five different styles . This is definitely the result of diligent booking and not a Cameo

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-Description by Brent Flyberg

ANNOUNCEMENT! Get Your Emails and Questions In For Our Mailbag Episode!

Hey everyone,

As we said on last weeks episode, this week on Pod Yourself A Gun we will be doing our first ever mailbag episode where we FINALLY read some of your emails and listen to some of your voicemails. The episode will be a two-parter with the first half being on the free feed and the second half on the Patreon feed for $8 subscribers, and any listener at the $8 tier is virtually guaranteed (unless its like unlistenable or unreadable for whatever reason.) So email us at or call us at 415.275.0030 and leave us a voicemail with any questions, comments, concerns, or if you just wanna hear your voice on the pod.

Finally, if you’re not a patron and are wondering why the fuck anyone would pay for a free podcast, well, just remember that Vince and I do bonus episodes on Patreon where we talk about things beyond the Sopranos. Movies and tv and basically anything else. In fact, following this announcement, we have a little teaser from last week’s bonus Frotcast episode, just so you can have a taste.