[UNLOCKED] Bonus Bonus: Matt Lieb Hold Music Freestyle at Kaiser

Once again reminding you to join the Patreon in order to get all the bonus PYAG and Frotcast content you so desperately crave. This is a mini-episode I recorded right before last week’s PYAG. Enjoy!

Before our recent episode of PYAG I had a phone call with my doctor regarding a weird thing I have where my feet lose circulation when it’s cold outside. I’m not dying or anything I don’t think, so don’t freak out. But Kaiser loves nothing more than to put me on hold and at some point I just hit record while I did royalty freestyle to the hold music. It was fun and I decided to release it as a mini bonus episode. A full bonus is forthcoming, as well as our new PYAG. For now, please enjoy Kaiser Permanente Hold Music Freesyle.