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[UNLOCKED] Bonus Bonus: Matt Lieb Hold Music Freestyle at Kaiser

Once again reminding you to join the Patreon in order to get all the bonus PYAG and Frotcast content you so desperately crave. This is a mini-episode I recorded right before last week’s PYAG. Enjoy!

Before our recent episode of PYAG I had a phone call with my doctor regarding a weird thing I have where my feet lose circulation when it’s cold outside. I’m not dying or anything I don’t think, so don’t freak out. But Kaiser loves nothing more than to put me on hold and at some point I just hit record while I did royalty freestyle to the hold music. It was fun and I decided to release it as a mini bonus episode. A full bonus is forthcoming, as well as our new PYAG. For now, please enjoy Kaiser Permanente Hold Music Freesyle.

408: Mergers and Acquisitions, with Brent Flyberg from Pod Yourself A Gun

Green Grove plastics and tell-tale acrylics.

For this very special episode of Pod Yourself A Gun, Matt and Vince are joined by their coolest, handsomest, most shredded guest yet to discuss the Sopranos season four episode eight, Mergers and Acquisitions. Who is this iconic sex-symbol special guest? None other than Los Angeles based comedian from The Reactivaders podcast and producer of PYAG, Brent Flyberg (sono io, stunad).

Sort of ironic to have such a universally beloved figure as guest to talk about this episode of The Sopranos considering how much of the plot centers on Paulie’s mom’s status as a social pariah at the Green Grove retirement center. Take it from me, Nucci, if you want people to like you, put your teeth in, stop crying, and stop snitching.

A highlight so far in season four, the episode also has Tony asking some big questions about human sexuality. What is sex? Is it more than just penisary contact with a vulva? And how raw can your proto-Youtube prankster goomar rub your colleague’s penis with a cheese grater before she is off limits? Find out by listening now. Solid B+ episode with an A++ guest.

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Description by @brentflyberg