Monthly Archives: January 2021

LIVESTREAM ANNOUCEMENT! Subscribe to Frotcast on YouTube now!

Hey everyone! This is just a brief plug for Matt and Vince’s brand spanking new Frotcast livestream happening on Wednesday January 27th at 6pm PST. Go to YouTube and subscribe to our new channel to watch us talk movies, sports, butt stuff, and all of your favorite Frotcast subjects live and in technicolor. We will have guest Jason Webb from the “He Is Risen” episode of PYAG. Trust us, you don’t wanna miss it.

TEASER – Frotcast 460 Eve6 versus Third Eye Blind

Yo Gabba Gabbagools,

Here is a little teaser from our most recent patreon episode of the Frotcast, where Vince and I invite Joey Devine (Roundball Rock Pod) to the Frotquarters to talk about various subjects including the recent coup attempt by MAGA, Pixar’s Soul and Vince’s interview with Max Collins of Eve6 where he tells a fantastic story about 3rd Eye Blind lead singer Stephan Jenkins.

To listen to the full episode, become a patreon at