TEASER: New Pod Yourself A Gun Patreon Tier

Hey all,

As you can probably tell there is no new Pod Yourself A Gun this week. We will be releasing our season 3 finale episode next week. But in the meantime, we thought we’d let everyone know that this podcast wouldn’t be possible without our lovely Patreon subscribers to our original podcast the Filmdrunk Frotcast and strongly encourage you to subscribe. For just $5 a month you can stave off the Matt and Vince withdrawals you will go through while waiting for the eventual release of season 4 by listening to yer boys talk movies, other television shows and random internet shit. And if you join our brand new tier Pod Yourself A Shoutout for $8 a month, Vince and Matt will shout you out on an episode of PYAG or the Frotcast if we are between seasons. So this holiday season, treat yourself to continued Matt and Vince content by subscribing at www.patreon.com/frotcast and help us wet our beaks.