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Surprise gidruls!

What a terrible year it’s been. Solid B+ of a year, at best. And in order to celebrate our mass exodus out of this year, we have complied a Pod Yourself A Gun season 3 BEST OF! It’s got all your favorite clips, mash ups, shitty theories, and bad art analysis. It took a long long time to make so if you enjoy it please consider subscribing to our, or just give us 5 stars and review if you hated it but appreciate the effort.

From Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, Brent Flyberg and everyone at the PYAG family, we thank you for listening to our Sopranos podcast. Not that you have a choice.


Track List:

-Intro Song

-“Truly The Best Sopranos Song” with Brendan from the Frotcast

-Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House explains John From Cincinnati

-Alan Sepinwall from Rolling Stone calls us the lowest form of discourse

-“I Don’t Wanna Suck My Daddy’s Dick No More”

-Gigi dies on a toilet with comedian Jason Webb

-Chrissy is high at Livia’s wake with comedian Brodie Reed

-Livia’s final scene mash up

-Remember When John Phillips Died? with Francesca Fiorentini from The Bitchuation Room

-Remember When Tiger Woods was a beloved figure? with Mike Isaac of The New York Times

-Remember When Tucker Carlson merely leaned right wing?

-Remember Gary Condit?

-Remember Shaggy? with Jay Gordon from FSCKD Pod

-Matt needs to be coddled in order to talk about Melfi being attacked

-Pine Barrens with Jack O’Brien from The Daily Zeitgeist

-Vince get geo-political with the Russian

-Matt is sick of David Chase’s shit

-Alan tells Matt and Vince that David Chase may have listened to the pod

-Saved By The Bell/Killed By The Boss

-Sunshine deserved to die featuring Matt Christman

-Jackie Jr. talks about fashion and cream

-Paulie is doing proto-twitter discourse, with Rachel Fisher from the Hollywood Crime Scene podcast

-Noah Tannenbaum meets Barenaked Ladies, with Brodie Reed

-Meadow and Noah pretend to adult, with Carey O’Donnell from Sexy Unique Podcast

-Poor people fight their parents with Jason Webb

-Matt’s theory about the Meadow/Noah/Caitlin love triangle

-Carm gets the worst therapist, with Mike Isaac

-Ralphie is a good father

-Jackie can’t read Poe, with Samar Kalaf of Defector Media

-Matt’s story about Mariana

-Janice Soprano: Petty Godfather with Carey O’Donnell

-Jr Soprano’s tumor board

-90’s flashbacks with Rachel Fisher

-Matt tells Mike Isaac his Big Mouth Billy Bass story

-AJ Soprano likes to Break Stuff and so does Vince Mancini

-Gloria is a mess

-Gloria/Raffi mash up


-Core Ungrato aka Gabagool Va fangool!

-A Nice Voicemail

-Solid B plus

-Producer Brent Flyberg says hi!

[UNLOCKED] Frotcast 458 – Cruise Rant and The Undoing w Jessica Sele

Hey Pod Yourself A Gun listeners! Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini here, wishing you all a happy holidays and giving you the gift of an unlocked episode of our other podcast the Frotcast in hopes of enticing you to become a Patreon subscriber at Please help us help you through this dark lonely winter by becoming our patron and getting your weekly fix until we start season 4 of Pod Yourself A Gun.


It’s the most lumderful time of the year and we are so happy that you are spending some of that time with the Frotcast. This week we are joined by comedian and Frotcast favorite Jessica Sele, live from an undisclosed quarantine location in Los Angeles, where she joins Matt and Vince in discussing Tom Cruise’s COVID rant, HBO’s The Undoing, and an update on Matt’s hatred of the FX/Hulu series A Teacher.

Plus, Matt brings back Royalty Freestyle just in time for the holidays.

Merry Christmas from the whole frot family!

313: Army Of One, With Alan Sepinwall

Dreaming about lo mein on the season finale of Pod Yourself A Gun.

On the latest episode, Rolling Stone chief television critic and co-author of The Sopranos Sessions, Alan Sepinwall, returns to talk to Matt and Vince about the final episode of The Sopranos season 3, “Army of One.”

In the last pre-9/11 Sopranos episode, everyone’s favorite fail-stunad is at it again. The principal has a DNA match on AJ’s peepee, and Tony thinks military school will straighten the little piss bandit out. He’ll never get to be Donald Trump’s helicopter pilot if he doesn’t learn some discipline.

During their talk, the guys decide when it’s okay to hit your kids, and try to find out if David Chase has heard the show. Let’s hope not!

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TEASER: New Pod Yourself A Gun Patreon Tier

Hey all,

As you can probably tell there is no new Pod Yourself A Gun this week. We will be releasing our season 3 finale episode next week. But in the meantime, we thought we’d let everyone know that this podcast wouldn’t be possible without our lovely Patreon subscribers to our original podcast the Filmdrunk Frotcast and strongly encourage you to subscribe. For just $5 a month you can stave off the Matt and Vince withdrawals you will go through while waiting for the eventual release of season 4 by listening to yer boys talk movies, other television shows and random internet shit. And if you join our brand new tier Pod Yourself A Shoutout for $8 a month, Vince and Matt will shout you out on an episode of PYAG or the Frotcast if we are between seasons. So this holiday season, treat yourself to continued Matt and Vince content by subscribing at and help us wet our beaks.

312: Amour Fou, With Matt Christman From Chapo Trap House

Tony Soprano finally realizes he’s a mofo in this week’s Pod Yourself A Gun.

Matt and Vince are joined by Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House to talk about The Sopranos season 3 episode 12, “Amour Fou.” Alternate title: “Suicide by Capo.”

Jackie Jr. makes a move in an attempt to show he’s got balls big enough to get the respect like Scarface, but he should have stayed in watching Basic Instinct with his bro. Listen to the podcast for a non-exhaustive list of all the movies that feature a Sharon Stone nude scene. There are a lot.  As far as I know, she’s never done a seductive dance to a song by Little Steven and the Lost Boys (with lead singer Steve Van Zandt aka Silvio Dante), but Annabella Sciorra does in this episode. She deserves some kind of award for convincingly pretending to love that song. Did Tony’s mom ever dance like that? Is that how realized he was hooking up with his mom?

Before the crank wears off, leave us a five star review on Apple Podcasts. (-Written by Brent Flyberg)

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