308: He Is Risen, With Comedian Jason Webb

Thanksgiving and Jackie Jr are cancelled in the latest Pod Yourself A Gun.

Matt and Vince invite comedian Jason Webb to discuss a conveniently-timed Thanksgiving episode of The Sopranos, and Janice invites a narcoleptic Christian with a ponytail to dinner on episode 3 of season 8 – “He Is Risen.”

The episode reminds us that being in the mob is just as much about petty social slights as it is about doing crimes. There’s lots of gossiping, someone gets their feelings hurt over a declined drink invitation, and someone else gets uninvited from Thanksgiving dinner. So, it’s kind of like Thanksgiving with your family, until someone shits himself to death, and then it’s just like your family.

Naturally, watching the episode led to some conversations about how families in Jason’s neighborhood settle disputes with their stepdads, the chainsaw bear carvings industry, how to get someone so horny they turn into a dairy product, and a Saved by the Bell Mashup song.

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