Pod Yourself A Gun 5: College, With Francesca Fiorentini

In “College,” The Sopranos basically became the critically acclaimed blueprint for future prestige TV dramas that makes it worth doing a whole podcast about. It’s when the show first came into its own. After a series of sitcommy, lighter-but-solid episodes, Tony takes Meadow to tour colleges in Maine, where he sees an infamous snitch. Meanwhile, Carmella tries to come to terms with the guilt of being a mob wife during her emotional one-night stand with Father Phil.

Francesca Fiorentini from The Bitchuation Room and The Young Turks joins Vince Mancini and Matt Lieb in the studio this week to discuss the episode, with all your favorite segments: the Wayback Machine, It’s the 90s, Bada B-Stories, and Gabba Va Fongool. We get an explanation of “Ugotz” from Stevie B, and for the first time ever on Pod Yourself A Gun, your voicemails. You can leave us a voicemail at 415 275 0030, support us at Patreon.com/Frotcast, and don’t forget to rate and review on iTunes! It really helps our visibility. Thank you all for listening, and as always, va fongool.

3 thoughts on “Pod Yourself A Gun 5: College, With Francesca Fiorentini

  1. By the way, love the show utterly and completely. I am a Sopranos fan die hard (watched the series 3 times and then with director commentary entirely when that was a thing on DVD). I was wondering if you have seen the “Sopranos behind the scenes” on Amazon Prime? It is something I only stumbled across randomly and offered a lot of insight into filming conditions etc. Anyway, love your shit, always listen, keep doing what you do. If you need me to come in on an episode for any reason? I’ll be there. I have a sexy voice and Irish accent in case that makes it better (Based in Ireland) 🙂

  2. Watched the entire series for the first time after listening to the first episode of this podcast. Little did I know that you won’t be covering the end of the series until approximately 2024.

    Just busting your balls. Your content is top notch.

    Pod on.

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